Božinović: Masks Regulated For Personnel In Hospitality

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“In my opinion, Beroš acted the only way a health minister could. If anyone is obliged to point out protective measures against the epidemic while it still lasts, then that is the health minister,” Božinović underscored on Monday in Zadar, where he opened the police offices for the person charged with the implementation of safety measures during the 2021 tourism season.

Asked by reporters about the fact that the waitress claimed that she had respiratory problems, which was why she could not wear a mask, Božinović added: “Unfortunately had she said that straight away, I’m certain we would not be talking about that today. As far as I am aware, she has a doctor’s certificate. I don’t know that wasn’t said straight away. The minister would have accepted that because he is a doctor,” said Božinović, who is also the head of the national COVID response team.

Asked about several concerts announced where no special measures will be imposed, Božinović said he wasn’t aware of these events.

“But if they do exist, that is the responsibility of local civil protection teams. The national team cannot be expected to know and take account of every single event,” he said, adding that several possibilities are planned for the event industry if the epidemiological situation continues to improve.

He underscored that “the lower numbers should not lull us into a false sense that the virus doesn’t exist.”

“We need to avoid risky situations. It has already been confirmed that six people became infected during the celebration of the basketball victory in Zadar last week. The epidemiological institute and all relevant services have to locate their contacts and see how to stop those numbers because when you observe the numbers, then it is obvious that there are more infections in Zadar county than other Dalmatian counties,” he said.

Health Minister Vili Beroš on Monday denied claims on social networks that he was two kunas short on his tab when he walked out of the cafe after the waitress who served him wasn’t wearing a mask. When asked about the incident by reporters, Beroš replied, “Do you think that a government minister would owe two kunas to anyone?”

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