Agrokor’s Ivica Todorić Wants Ante Ramljak Criminally Charged

Lauren Simmonds

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Ivica Todorić and his blog strike again, and just like last time, Ante Ramljak is taking yet another cyber beating from the ex Agrokor boss.

The ex Agrokor boss continues to ferociously accuse and attack via his blog. In his latest text, among other things, he boldly announced that he wants to file a criminal charge against Agrokor’s government appointed extraordinary commissioner, Ante Ramljak.

This isn’t the first time that the unlucky Ante Ramljak has found himself in Todorić’s proverbial firing line, and it seems he won’t be out of the woods, at least as far as the Agrokor majority owner’s accusatory blog is concerned, for a very long time yet.

We bring you the relevant parts of Ivica Todorić’s blog here, if you are able to read Croatian, you can read the full version, and the rest of his numerous blog entries, by clicking here:

I’ve already written about the CAIB (Vienna) people. It’s unbelievable that these people are now under the patronage of the government, managing Agrokor, and their partners, with the help of Marina Dalić and Borislav Škegro, have never handled any serious projects, these people abused and deceived the state institutions, and the police who have been sitting in Agrokor since the 6th of April this year (the police entered Agrokor on the basis of misleading statements only one day before the activation of Lex Agrokor). The [Agrokor’s] extraordinary administration has deceived both DORH and PNUSKOK investigators with wrong and incomplete data, seeking the persecution of people who created 60,000 jobs, built up new industries and for 30 years, have settled their obligations towards workers and towards the state,” Todorić writes.

“Because of the information I’ve got, I will personally, owing to his illegal actions, report Ante Ramljak to DORH. I know that the extraordinary commissioner, with the support of the Croatian government, is a person [operating] outside of the law, and I’ll also report the Agrokor people who have done enormous harm to the company for the sake of their own interests. These people were in charge and had the authority to raise money for the sale of non-core business, for the purchase and the sale of companies, for the sale of property, for the realisation of monetisation and other activities. They’ve not done any of that, of course, they’ve done nothing, nor have they signed anything, that is why the real opportunities for financing Agrokor ended up being refused.

They would have caused Agrokor problems, and then, together with other people from the organisation, they gained undue material benefit. It’s obvious that the government has actively participated [in all of this], as the Prime Minister personally confirmed with the statement that “talks with people from Agrokor having been taking place since January!” How then, as the owner, did I not know about it!? Of course, it’s logical – because of the interests of the individuals under the government’s patronage, it was necessary to create the [necessary] conditions for the hijacking of Agrokor, which was done by the [passing of the] unconstitutional and illegal Lex Agrokor (law). I want to make it clear that the people who are the partners of the government today, and some of the institutions of the Republic of Croatia are [operating] outside of the law!

These people aren’t quacks (quack doctors), they’re people who’ve created huge theft, and the government has given the duty of keeping a flock of sheep to a wolf. I’m convinced that state institutions will soon expose the entire criminal organisation. Such an attack on the legal state, on the Constitution and on laws, on human rights, cannot be ignored by state institutions and I’m convinced that it won’t be. The truth will be found out, and I’ll be consistent with the facts, figures and the real data!” Todorić concludes.


Ivica Todoric’s blog entry translated in part from


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