Croatian Elite Allegedly Has Secret Bank Accounts with RBA Group

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According to a document whose authenticity could not be confirmed, it seems that some members of Croatian political and business elite like to keep their money safely abroad.

A document dated 5 July 2011 whose authenticity cannot be confirmed at this moment, which was allegedly sent from the Raiffeisen Group in Austria to the Austrian Agency for Supervision of Financial Markets (FMA), reveals that many prominent Croatian citizens had savings with RBA Group which on 30 June 2011 exceeded a million euros each, reports on June 12, 2016.

These data was requested by FMA’s Department for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, by a special request sent by agency representative Martina Andexlinger to director general of Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark AG Markus Mair. The document titled “The request for the submission of list of Croatian customers” reveals a list of prominent members of Croatian elite who were hiding millions on RBA Group savings accounts. Among them are a number of MPs, MEPs, constitutional judges, mayors, ministers, business tycoons, government officials, generals, diplomats, presidential advisers and others, including wives of Ivo Sanader and Ivo Josipović, the daughter of Vesna Pusić, the wife of Milan Bandić and, for example, former CEOs of INA.

The document identifies clients who had in their bank accounts amounts for which many of them would not be able to prove their origin, if the amounts on these accounts were compared to their income and officially registered assets. Many officials from the list did not list the money on these accounts as savings in their official personal assets reports that are filled by state officials.

The list includes former politician Đurđa Adlešić (2,895,000.00 euros); current Constitutional Court judge Ingrid Antičević Marinović (1,407,800.00 euros); former Constitutional Court judge Mato Arlović (1,000,670.00 euros); Zagreb Mayor’s wife Vesna Bandić (4,098,400.00 euros), former HDZ treasurer and Customs Administration director Mladen Barišić (6,300,800.00 euros); former Varaždin Mayor Ivan Čehok (5,631,500.00 euros); former Croatian Party of Rights president Anto Đapić (2,831,400.00 euros, former Parliament Speaker Žarko Domljan (3,765,000.00 euros), former CEO of INA Tomislav Dragičević (1,691,250.00 euros); and former HDZ MP Stjepan Fiolić (2,194,000.00 euros).

The secret list of owners of million-euro accounts at the RBA Group in Austria also includes former Metković Mayor Stipe Gabrić (4,933,210.00 euros), HDSSB party leader Branimir Glavaš (4,541,900.00 euros); former HDZ minister Andrija Hebrang’s wife Danijela (2,758,000.00 euros); head of the Police Union Dubravko Jagić (1,463,000.00 euros); former presidential advisor Tomislav Jakić (1,070,500.00 euros), former Interior Minister and HDZ secretary general Ivan Jarnjak (1,663,500.00 euros), and Sanader’s business tycoon Robert Ježić (2,970,000.00 euros).

The document cites the account of the former first lady, wife of President Ivo Josipović, Tatjana Josipović (1,641,000.00 euros). It is interesting to compare data from his official personal asset statement, where the former president did not mention his wife’s “savings”.

It is interesting that the list includes former State Auditor and auditor of privatization process Šima Krasić (1,506,000.00 euros) as well.

On the list we can find General Mate Laušić (2,090,500.00 euros), former presidential advisor and diplomat Budimir Lončar (1,943,900.00 euros), former SDP Interior Minister Šime Lučin (1,376,000.00 euros), Zdravko Mamić’s son Mario Mamić (8,279,000.00 euros); former CEO of Podravka Darko Marinac (1,160,000.00 euros); Ivo Sanader’s associate Bianca Matković (1,370,000.00 euros); IDS Mayor of Pula Boris Miletić (1,915,300.00 euros), and former head of the so-called Hezceg-Bosna Jadranko Prlić (4,964,000.00 euros).

The list goes on and on: Rijeka Mayor Vojko Obersnel (2,534,000.00 euros); President Franjo Tuđman’s advisor Ivić Pašalić (4,091,000.00 euros), former national security advisor Saša Perković (3,580,000.00 euros), former SDP Foreign Minister and current MEP Tonino Picula (4,791,000.00 euros), former HDZ minister Jure Radić (3,773,400.00 euros), former HDZ politician Vesna Škare Ožbolt (1,571,000.00 euros), SDSS leader Milorad Pupovac (2,638,000.00 euros), former Foreign Minister Vesna Pusić’s daugther Daina (4,179,900.00 euros), former HDZ Deputy Prime Minister Borislav Škegro (2,759,000.00 euros), former HDZ minister and CEO of INA Davor Štern (5,855,000.00 euros), Ivo Sanader’s wife
Mirjana Sanader (7,266,000.00 euros), Croatian Football Federation president Davor Šuker (5,370,000.00 euros), current HDZ MEP Dubravka Šuica (1,726,600 euros), Franjo Tuđman’s grandson Dejan Košutić (3,183,000.00 euros).

The unconfirmed list includes a total of 186 people, with the total amount in the RBA Group accounts of 543 million euros.


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