Former President Mesić Defends Bashar al-Assad and Russia

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His position on the United States, NATO, the EU and capitalism is somewhat different.

“Global terrorism can be fought only by destroying its causes, which should include, first of all, a radical reform of capitalism or replacement of capitalism as we know it – I am talking about the neo-liberal model – with something different and new. This should not be a taboo. I have said many times and I will repeat it here: it is not true that the neo-liberal model of development is the end. The idea about the end of history has failed. After all, it is in complete conflict with the idea of evolution,” said former Croatian President Stipe Mesić at the Eurasian Economic Forum which was held in Istanbul, reports Jutarnji List on April 15, 2017.

Mesić’s speech is interesting because it was, more or less, in stark contrast with the Croatian foreign policy, not just the one led by the current HDZ-MOST coalition government, but also with the one advocated previously by the SDP-led government. Mesić criticized the United States, the European Union, NATO and capitalism, while quoting Russia and Bashar al-Assad as positive examples.

“Terrorists are the by-product of neo-colonialism, and of policies aimed at dominating energy sources and key energy routes. In order for that to be achieved, they form the so-called movements against dictatorships and the suppression of human rights, which are in fact movements aimed at overthrowing regimes not liked by those who draw the political and economic map of the world,” said the former President.

He continued with an attack on NATO due to military build-up near the border with Russia, although Moscow did not want to rule the world, while conflicts such as the one in Ukraine should be resolved by negotiations. He criticized the European Union as well, for following American policies, instead of being independent and thus contributing to peace.

“That contribution are certainly not the manoeuvres along the Russian border, or supporting armed groups which continue – as part of the policies which Washington wants to distance itself from – to try to overthrow the government of Syrian President Assad,” concluded Mesić.

Mesić was president of Croatia from 2000 to 2010.


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