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Former Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor, with her latest post on her blog Dan Nakon Jucer on June 3, 2016.

June 2, 2016

Croatia is our homeland. For most of us, Croatian citizens, as I’ve written before, the only one. And we don’t want another. We care about Croatia, we care to make it a good place to live. A small country with great possibilities. Because Croatia has potential, meaning resources, and has met the largest strategic goals. We’ve entered the EU, a market of over 500 million people stands before us, meaning we must work and create the space for progress. Which will not come without a decent stance towards education, every person, worthy of respect and a right to a different opinion while respecting others. For all this, a basic condition is a normal, democratic government made up of those who know what they want. Educated, reasonable, experienced, capable of gathering, capable of listening and hearing.

All this, regarding governing, is missing in Croatia today. It’s the same country since the end of the EU accession negotiations, but in many way different. With a substantially violated inner dignity brought on by a chaotic, frustrated, shifty, sarcastic, vengeful and powerless government turning itself strongly every day into a travelling theatre with no applause for actors, worn out costumes and shredded scenery. It is a government Croatia does not deserve and which many could not imagine before going to elections, a ruling class breaching the constitutional frame defining the mission of government.

No need to be appalled and in wonder, only maybe XXXXXXXXX. Nothing has, from the start of this newly composed piece, boded any good. From the very beginning of a parliamentary majority in Sabor, the never before seen twists, whining, faking, accusing, switching sides, concocting, confabulating, arguing, obstructing and implying began. There was also dirty laundry (Rašković story), never explained twists (Petrov in Pantovčak), slander of five or six stolen mandates (T.K.), threats (Ćorić), fake consistency (D. Kosor on reset) and so on. The water got muddier so the dirty laundry couldn’t get washed.

They treated each other with UDBA and JNA histories, small partners such as HSP AS or the chief of BUZ were in charge of hygienic clean up of MOST. The Prime Minister bonded with Petrov and then, when his chair started to shake, pushed him back to the one who brought him.

Certain government members, such as Hasanbegović, made the front pages of world media rapidly questioning what is going on in Croatia. They write simply and clearly what many in Croatia don’t see and don’t want to see. Emperors walk around naked while vassals refrain from warning of nudity and morality, constantly lying about the sparkling dress of the emperor and its nice fit to a shapely body.

The political body has deteriorated to the extent it barely moves and breathes heavily, bursting at joints. During all this the Prime Minister managed to upset us with the mention of spilled blood and sacrifice of veterans, while defending his First Deputy Prime Minister (and true boss). Saying it in an inappropriate manner in the context of his relentless support of the one who gave him this new life. Tim O. says:

“Veterans fought for democracy” and “Too much blood has been spilled for this democracy,” while unaware of anything about veterans or the democracy they fought for. As he was not in Croatia or with the veterans. And what would this have to do with affairs and consultants?

Today, after running from the government, with no explanation for cancelling a session, he did not feel for the democracy the veterans fought for?! Surely, while leaving their health in the battlefield, they didn’t dream of a Prime Minister who ignores the public, deputy ministers turning their backs on each other on Armed Forces Day and numerous affair flooding us day after day.

In the meantime, yesterday investors clearly said Croatia has no government. And that’s it. No spins can pass anymore. The party is over, lights are going out. Only from Pantovčak there is no thunder or demands or letters as were written in February 2015. To end the crisis Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović then demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister. She felt it was the best he can do for Croatia. Now she is silent, not voicing on the affairs regarding the relief of the party boss from his deputy minister seat, and when she does appear before the media she refuses any questions. “Veterans fought for democracy,” as Orešković would say, the PM on his way out. And democracy means responsibility to the public.

This is the face of Croatia at the start of June 2016. The Education Minister ignores tens of thousands of citizens and impoverished students withheld their scholarships. He thinks citizens are toys too, unworthy of his concrete explanations. On candidates for constitution judges another time. As there is too much bitterness and awe for one blog. New humiliations are to follow, must be vary of indignation and anger.


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