Kovačić: Let’s be Honest, Cooperation Between MOST and HDZ no Longer Makes Sense

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After his emotional outburst last week, Most’s Ivan Kovačić talks openly about the relationship between MOST and HDZ.

After his emotional outburst last week when he told his HDZ Government partners to go and f… themselves, mayor of Omiš and MOST representative in the Croatian Parliament Ivan Kovačić explained the reasons for his outburst to Slobodna Dalmacija on May 2, 2016.

When asked whether he was sorry for using such harsh language on national television, Kovačić said:

-I said a phrase that means I no longer want anything to do with someone. My words were not wrapped in some political demagoguery. It was direct and picturesque because the very same message was sent to us from their side but in a much more treacherous way. I was one of the most congruous advocates of the need to build trust between MOST and the Homeland coalition or HDZ in other words. I organized the meetings of top level party representatives every time there was any friction in our relationship. And they gave us a good old Omiš slap in the face. I took it (re-selection of his former city rival Ivan Škarićić as the HDZ president in Omiš) as a message: Ivan, no matter how fair you play; we will always find a way to put you down. The infamous outburst is my way of thanking HDZ for warning me not to be naïve and stupid.

He continued to criticize the cooperation with the Homeland coalition, and if his words are anything to go by, the cooperation with HDZ and MOST simply does not make any sense anymore. When he was asked to explain this statement Kovačić added: “If someone flat out tells you they don’t want to fulfill their end of the cooperation agreement without giving any convincing arguments, then they leave you with no maneuvering room to stay in the Government”.

According to Kovačić, MOST met on several occasions to discuss whether they should leave the government, even with its bad current rating, if we were certain that the Government was heading in the wrong direction. All party members were unanimous they all voted in favour of leaving the Government even though it would mean new elections and possible disappearance of Most from the political scene. And even though we’re nowhere near new elections, Kovačić warns that around 20 minister’s assistants positions are yet to be filled only because HDZ purposely never suggested anyone for the position.

‘I withdrew my support for HDZ but did not leave the Parliament. My every minute in the Parliament will be spent uncovering things our people need to know. And I intend to be constructive. I will give my own suggestions if necessary. But they should not count on my vote as one that automatically belongs to the Parliament majority” Kovačić added.


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