Modric in Memes: Croatia Reacts to Modric’s Amnesia

Lauren Simmonds

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All Rights: Facebook - Di su pare?

How did Croatia’s social media users react after Luka Modric’s surprising loss of memory during football boss Zdravko Mamic’s trial? With memes, of course. 

What comes to mind when you hear the name Zdravko Mamic? Probably a whole host of things, words, let’s say ”descriptions” to be on the safe side, including some of the beautiful wording in many of his own outbursts, sentences that would put Shakespeare’s sonnets to shame. Alas, I cannot write and translate them here, they’re a bit too colourful. If you have read our coverage on the seemingly untouchable football boss and his ongoing trial, you will know just why the unassuming footballer Luka Modric has come under fire from even his most faithful supporters, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can find out by clicking here

Nobody in Croatia carries quite the same status as Zdravko Mamic, not even the most ominous of political figures. He is, whether you love him or loathe him – an enigma of sorts. A phenomenon. A powerful and volatile individual, there are very few people quite as openly shameless, least not in his position. Able to twist whoever he wants around his little finger at the drop of a hat, dodge various vital processes, launch verbal attacks on whoever, whenever, and basically do as he pleases, the former Dinamo Zagreb director is the symbol of both envy and fury within general Croatian society, the world of football and its strange, often unpleasant undercurrent, and beyond. 

Luka Modric, on the other hand, has rarely been seen in anything other than a purely positive light. A talented, rather naive and innocent looking footballer with an unarguable level of skill for the sport who once played for Dinamo – under the all-powerful Mamic. Now dragged into Mamic’s trial, Luka has seemingly been put on the spot and made a few crucial ”mistakes” that have oh-so-coincidentally worked in the temperamental football administrator’s favour, I won’t go on and on, click the link provided above to read more.

How did Croatia’s social networks react you ask? Croatian Memelords and satire page admins quickly went to work. Let’s take a look…


”I don’t know anything, I’m here with the Rolls Royce” – Pretjerivac


”I have selective amnesia, I choose for myself what I won’t remember” – Di su pare?


”Well, did you play for Dinamo at all?” ”I don’t remember” – Pretjerivac



”I can’t remember my pin number” – Di su pare?


”I don’t remember where I parked the car” – Di su pare?


”Luka, we have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that you’ve been paid, the bad news is that you’ve got to go with us to the ATM” – Pretjerivac


– Pretjerivac






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