Plenković Describes Milanović’s Statements as Political Barbarity

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Prime Minister Andrej Plenković
Prime Minister Andrej Plenković

Plenković underscored that “the salvo of insults towards everyone” was not normal. “The media and society are almost getting used to this as if it were something normal and as if it were some sort of trading shots, a fierce reaction, a continuation of something – it isn’t.”

“This is political barbarity below the dignity of communication, showing spite over procedures and then using the methodology of insulting everyone who thinks differently. And that is unacceptable,” Plenković told reporters.

Plenkovič believes that Milanović needs to apologise to MP Milorad Pupovac and the media.

Responding to a question, he did not reject the possibility of impeaching the President, but underscored that in the current situation it would be difficult to obtain the required two-thirds majority support for that in the parliament.

“If this continues, we can talk about that too,” he said, warning though of the Bridge party’s stance, which he said had helped Milanović to be elected president.

“They have already said that they are against (impeachment)”, underscored Plenković.

Milanović’s attack against Pupovac shameless

Referring to Milanović’s statements, Plenković said that it would be particularly bad for society and the political scene if part of the public approved of such behaviour. “That would be disastrous,” he said.

He hopes there are not too many like that and that they are in fact the filth of social networks which, he warned, is the basis for hate speech and then physical attacks against those being insulted.

“This primarily refers to Milorad Pupovac who was attacked as president of the SDSS (Independent Democratic Serb Party) and long-standing MP in such a shameless way by the President and I believe that he should apologise to him and the pubic for his words,” said Plenković.

Plenković wonders why the leader of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Peđa Grbin, the SDP’s candidate for Zagreb mayor Joško Klisović and the President’s chief-of-staff Orsat Miljenić haven’t reacted.

“Do they approve of these barbaric and vulgar attacks on MP Pupovac?” asked Plenković. 

The President is also attacking the media and that too requires an apology, he said.

Plenković also referred to, as he said, Milanović’s personally calling lawmakers regarding the selection of the head of the Supreme Court. 

That same parliament, Plenković underscored, in which that same president did not want to come as an invited guest when the parliament was inaugurated.

“That is a new dimension in how the president sees his role and duties,” claimed Plenković, saying that the president’s constitutional duty is to recommend a candidate for Supreme Court president. “It is not his constitutional duty to call people from the parliamentary majority or others and turn them into his assets. That is not the president’s duty,” said Plenković.

Plenković also believes that Milanović overstepped his constitutional authority when he ‘expressis verbis’ articulated that his political activism is against the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) as a political party.

We could also say that someone is disgusting

Plenković also touched on Milanović’s description of Plenković as ugly, Pupovac as dirty and Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković as evil.

“We could also say that someone is disgusting,” he said in Italian, adding that he will not lower himself to that level but will “stand in defence of other colleagues, in defence of reporters and the freedom of the media,” and finally refute the “incorrect argument” that the selection of the head of the Supreme Court is equal to a reform in the judiciary.

That is not the same, underscored Plenković and added that reform of the judiciary is up to the government and parliament by amending legislation, digitising the judiciary and reducing the number of cases, providing a precise action plan for judges as to how many cases and in what timeframe they need to be resolved for them to receive positive performance reports.

“There is no hiding here behind some sort desire to reform the judiciary. That is not the case here. This is an effort to sell a political pamphlet to the public. However, there are enough of us who can see very well, hear and comprehend, and we know how to position ourselves in such a situation,” he added.

Plenković reiterated that his HDZ will not support Zlata Đurđević’s nomination for Supreme Court president because she allowed herself to be a candidate in a procedure which the Constitutional Court considers was not in accordance with the law and as such it was not in accordance with the Constitution.

“What you are seeing now is exclusively and solely the President’s fault. It is not the fault of the government or parliament and the public has to hear that clearly and understand. Everything else is just a salvo, a method that is based on spite and insults. That is not our political style and we will not agree to it,” he concluded.

Commenting on the initiative by HDZ member Vladimir Šeks to have Milanović impeached, Plenković said that Šeks was speaking on his own behalf.

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