Prime Minister to Publicly Warn Petrov and Karamarko Today?

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While rumours about the Prime Minister’s resignation do not appear to be correct, government crisis is getting worse by the day.

According to sources, Prime Minister Tihomir Orešković yesterday did not intend to resign, despite such rumours being reported in some media. It seems that the Prime Minister has no intention of stepping down, but wants to solve the problem of compromised relations between MOST president Božo Petrov and HDZ president Tomislav Karamarko as soon as possible, reports on June 3, 2016.

“This situation must be resolved one way or the other”, Orešković allegedly said to ministers from both HDZ and MOST shortly before he cancelled yesterday’s session of the government and suddenly left the government building without explanation.

Orešković will reportedly undertake a major role in the attempt of reconciliation between HDZ and MOST, and between Karamarko and Petrov, because it has been assessed that any further delay in resolving the problem would be too damaging to Croatia both internally and internationally.

According to media reports, the Prime Minister might hold a press conference on Friday where we will not announce his resignation, as some have speculated, but will rather warn Karamarko and Petrov that this government can no longer function in this way.

Also, during a “coffee meeting” which was held this week between the Prime Minister and his two deputies in order to reduce tensions, Petrov reportedly presented a proposal for the resolution of the crisis that has paralyzed the government. At the meeting, Petrov allegedly suggested that all three of them – Petrov, Karamarko and Orešković – should resign from the government in order for the crisis to be resolved. However, Karamarko immediately rejected that rather strange proposal.

Yesterday during the day several media outlets published information that Orešković was planning on resigning on Thursday or Friday, but according to the latest reports, that will not happen.

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