Prominent SDP Member Leaves Party

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ZAGREB, Aug 28, 2018 – A member of the opposition Social Democratic Party’s (SDP) presidency and parliament Bojan Glavašević left the party on Monday, dissatisfied that “the SDP, such as it has become, can’t give an answer to even one important question regarding Croatia’s future.”

His departure leaves the SDP parliamentary group at 33 MPs. In a letter to the party president and presidency, Glavašević said he would not return his seat in parliament to the party but complete the term to which he was elected.

“The party which once nurtured ideas of universal human rights and articulated the positions of a large number of free-thinking individuals has buckled under without fulfilling its mission in modern Croatia. The SDP’s idea is extinguished and this party’s historical role is ending in an inexhaustible battle for positions,” Glavašević wrote in the letter.

He said the ideas which the SDP had promoted were extinguished by selfish interests of individuals who did not understand the present time, the need to listen to people and their needs and to create policies accordingly.

He also accused the “party president and his main adjutants of transforming the SDP into a complete antithesis of social democracy.”

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