Todorić: If There Is Any Responsibility To Be Taken, It Is Exclusively Mine!

Lauren Simmonds

Ivica Todorić, currently in the United Kingdom, has taken to his blog amid new goings on in the Agrokor crisis.

As the arrests of formerly powerful individuals within Agrokor’s ex Administration take place, Ivica and Ante Todorić remain in the United Kingdom, presumably in London, with sources close to Agrokor’s former boss claiming that he intends to seek asylum in Britain upon having legally registered his residence there. Whatever the situation may be, Todorić has taken to his blog once again on the 17th of October, 2017, and as usual, we bring you his post translated into English:

What has happened is exactly what I’ve repeatedly said [would happen] – a political show for the public under the direction of the highest state officials who are the creators of this monstrous political process. Twelve top businessmen have been arrested, people who, I can assure you again, have done absolutely nothing wrong. If there is [even] the slightest responsibility [to be taken], and I’m sure there isn’t, then it’s exclusively mine.

This was done to conceal the crimes of those who, through the unconstitutional [passing of] Lex Agrokor (law), became a real criminal organisation that draws money from the company and thus causes the Croatian economy and the state unbelievable harm.

Prime Minister Plenković said that the government expects “the work of competent institutions [to take place] within due time” eight days ago.

With personal statements and the statements of Deputy PM Martina Dalić, the guilt and the culprits behind the extraordinary administration’s financial statements, to which the auditor merely gave his opinion, ignoring the presumption of innocence and the fundamental principles of the rule of law, have been clearly defined. It is unbelievable that in a democratic state, such a triangle of power is [so] clearly defined. Incredible, just like how journalists were in front of the homes of the people who have been arrested for no reason before the police even got there.

Yes, obviously the Parliamentary Investigative Commission [for Agrokor] bothers them, obviously they don’t want to know the truth, obviously they want to hide the traces of the crimes involving Deputy PM Martina Dalić, Ante Ramljak (Agrokor’s government appointed extraordinary commissioner) and their assistants. And it’s obvious that the minister of the police, who, in an interview, even said that there has been War Room for Agrokor since January, is active in all of this work! Who were the members, Minister Božinović, and who formed that body? Is it still there today? With all of this, like with all of the latest political arrests, you’re only endorsing the plan to seize private assets through an unconstitutional law created exclusively for Agrokor.

The partners of the government in this business are the people who are sitting in Agrokor, illegally disposing of its assets and making decisions that are just a cover-up for [their own] personal gain and the impairment of the company. Along with Martina Dalić and Ante Ramljak and their foreign assistants Wilhelm Hemetsberger, Knighthead Funding and Alix Partners, the most important domestic players who are making money from Agrokor are Texo Management, Ante Ramljak (mentioned twice) and Tomislav Matić (who are also the authors of Lex Agrokor!), Interkapital, Altra, and the Šavorić law firm and their partners Bogdanović and (Tin) Dolički.

Along with Ramljak, there is Vlado Bošnjak and Luka Cvitan, as well as Damir Kuštrak from Agrokor, [all of them] are controlling the entire operation of this criminal group. I’ve got enough knowledge of their criminal activities and I’ll take the appropriate legal action against them.


Ivica Todoric’s blog post translated in full from


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