Todorić: ”The Fight Against A Corrupt System”

Lauren Simmonds

The blog of Europol’s most wanted sees yet another entry.

It seems that not even an arrest warrant is enough to stop Ivica Todorić, well, at least online.

As usual, we bring you the ex Agrokor boss’ latest blog entry from November the 6th, 2017, translated in full into English below:

”In its political program, the Czech Action of Unsatisfied Citizens led by Andrej Babiš, an entrepreneur and a politician who failed to find his peace within society, won the parliamentary elections on October the 21st. One of the main political platforms on which Babiš won the elections was the fight against corruption in all the pores of society, so Babiš often points out that he thought that institutional corruption had lost the battle with the legal state and says “in 1989, we hoped, and others thought that we’d finally get rid of that intolerable corrupt system. It didn’t work, and we’re still fighting it to this day.”

Today I’m fighting against the corrupt system in Croatia!

Through [the passing of] Lex Agrokor (law), overnight, the government created a system in which foreign influences, various lobbyists and selected law firms (attorneys) and their friends [began to] manage the state!

For the interests of these groups, the government is destroying Agrokor, which has created something new with defined national interests every day.

Agrokor invested, invested, invested and created:

The largest agricultural industry in Europe
The third most successful ice cream industry in Europe
The largest chain in the region
The largest mineral water industry in the region
The largest meat industry in the region
The largest oil, margarine and mayonnaise industry in the region
Absolutely the largest employer in the region – 60,000 people
Absolutely the largest investor in the region, especially in people and in new technologies
Agrokor was a clear partner in regional and EU politics, protecting the national interests of every area in which it operated!

In order to conceal the destruction of Agrokor for the private interests of the aforementioned groups, the highest state officials are reluctantly indebted to claim that the nationalisation of Agrokor through [the passing of] Lex [Agrokor] ensured:


But these false claims tend to undermine the facts that we’re witnessing.

NEW MONEY – Knighthead provided Agrokor with a loan, it came into Agrokor’s account, stayed there for some time, Agrokor wasn’t allowed to spend it and it was eventually returned to Knighthead’s account abroad via a new criminal contract.

EXCELLENT CONTRACTS FOR AGROKOR – The enabling of large-scale looting through a roll up contract.

NEW CONFIDENCE – [On] 3.11.2017 the trading of Agrokor company shares on the Zagreb Stock Exchange began. Their value dropped by 75% (on average) compared to the previous trading. That’s new confidence!

This catastrophic state of Agrokor’s companies is a consequence of the introduction of Lex Agrokor and Agrokor’s extraordinary administration: Now, after the extraordinary administration has destroyed the Agrokor’s value, allowing the trading of its shares on the stock market is a real crime. During this time, Knighthead’s interests are being directly protected by the [Croatian] government, and the aim is to reduce [Agrokor’s] value in order to plunder more money and put it in someone’s pocket.

At the same time, all of the synergies that have been being built up for years have been destroyed, thus making Agrokor an irrecoverable loss.”


Ivica Todorić’s blog post translated in full from


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