Procedure Launched to Donate Deceased Child’s Organs, Minister Offers Condolences

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“I express my condolences and great sadness over the death of the little girl. Despite all the treatments undertaken and doctors’ exceptional efforts, her condition deteriorated critically and brain death was confirmed,” Beroš said.

He extended condolences to the child’s foster family and others who loved her and did their best for her to find a safe place to live.

“Unfortunately, she did not live to see that happen and the worst possible thing happened, for which those responsible should answer,” said the minister.

The child, who died due to injuries inflicted by her mother, was in a foster family for over a year, but was returned to her parents at their request.

The parents, who have three other children, have been remanded in custody.

The mother is charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm resulting in the child’s death, while the father is charged with violating the child’s rights and neglecting and abusing all four of their children.

Earlier in the day, Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy Minister Josip Aladrović offered condolences on the little girl’s death. “May she rest in peace. May it never happen again!” he said in a Twitter post.

Citizens, who earlier on Sunday were leaving messages of support for the child outside the Zagreb hospital for children’s diseases, gathered in the evening to light candles after the news broke that she had died.


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