Police Determined to Find Cruel Owner of Donkey Abandoned on Ravan

Lauren Simmonds

Animal cruelty unfortunately knows no borders and no bounds. With countless disgusting acts towards animals carried out by humans on a daily basis across the whole world, it’s our duty as decent humans to try to do the right thing and step in when we can. One cruel donkey owner obviously decided their donkey was no longer of any use to them, abandoning her on the island of Ravan in the Šibenik archipelago in the heat with no food or water.

It seems, however, thanks to the media and to the general public, that this poor donkey is going to enjoy a happy end to her unfortunate story written by heartless individuals.

As Morski writes on the 18th of June, 2019, ust nine hours after an article about a poor, abandoned donkey on the island of Ravan in the Šibenik archipelago was published, the police responded that they had launched a search of the cruel owner who abandoned the poor creature on Ravan, and the Tribunj Tourist Board have openly stated that they are more than willing to do everything in their power to save the life of the donkey, and take care of her themselves.

From the police administration of Šibenik-Knin County comes a notice stating:

”Regarding today’s mail from you regarding the stranded donkey on the island of Ravan, we’d like to inform you that the police, based on the received mail, are conducting a police investigation in order to determine and locate the owner of the animal in question, and all other circumstances related to this event.”

Nikola Perkova from the Tribunj Tourist Board, a place known for its care for the donkeys, was also contacted:

“We have a donkey farm and it’s possible for us to accommodate her, but I’m worried about the legal status of going and taking this unfortunate animal awat from the island, since we don’t know if there’s an owner who might react.”

However, if the police manages to establish the criminal responsibility of the owner who abandoned the poor animal on Ravan without any food or water, they could insist, under Article 205, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code, punish the wrongdoer with imprisonment for up to one year.

”Here with us in Tribuj there are donkeys from that island and from the island of Logorun, and if necessary, we’ll make sure that this donkey, who seems to me to be pregnant, is saved from the torture of this heat,” Perkov promised.

Meanwhile, a reader of the Morski portal who initially discovered the abandoned and possibly pregnant donkey stated:

”The animal is very sweet. She immediately approaches people and she asks for help. During the first meeting and before we were even anchored, she came down to the shore and began to call out to us. After we had fed her and gave her some bread and fruit, and went back to the ship, she followed us and tried to wade into the sea calling out to us sadly again. I can’t stand to do nothing now, I’m going from Vodice out to the island again. I’ll cut out a 25 litre canister to give her water, and bring her carrots and something else to eat. Thanks to all for the measures taken,” said the obviously upset reader.

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