Far Right Former Split Councillor Martin Pauk Tries to Justify Rimac Attack

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Ivo Cagalj/Pixsell/Index
Ivo Cagalj/Pixsell/Index

As Index writes, former Split councillor Martin Pauk, known for his right-wing views, commented on the post of Croatian innovator and entrepreneur Mate Rimac, who announced on Facebook that his foreign colleagues faced racist abuse and were beaten up in Zagreb.

“Bravo Mate, you legend, you only import labour that will work for 50% of the pay a Croat would work for, and then you wonder why Croats feel cheated and exploited,” he wrote. He added that the violence was an “unintended consequence”, but then continued to justify the attack.

“After all, Mate, you’re also from Bosnia and Herzegovina, so you know first hand that there can never be prosperity and peace in a multicultural society precisely because of the different principles and culture according to which different peoples live,” former Split councillor Martin Pauk wrote, among other things, and for some odd reason.

“What is it? Are there no lads from Zagreb, Osijek or Split who have graduated from technical school and are qualified to work in your company? Ah, yes, of course there are at least 10-15 classes of people who have qualified for that in this generation alone, but they don’t want to work for peanuts so that their boss could buy two million euro houses and half a million euro cars,” he wrote further.

Rimac’s response to the bizarre insults dished out by Pauk soon arrived…

Rimac: Oh you narrowminded man, you’ve never even laid eyes on the amount they earn in one year.

“What are you talking about, you narrowminded man? People who have worked at Tesla, Apple, Ferrari, Porsche, they work for me… You’ve never even seen the amount they earn in a year with me. In my companies (Rimac Grusa, Bugatti Rimac, P3 and Greyp) we employ over 1,600 people, of whom 80+ percent are Croats,” Mate Rimac replied.

The obviously bored Pauk then attempted to enter into yet another discussion below Rimac’s social media announcement, with one companion of Mate Rimac. Rimac answered him there as well.

“Martin, take a running jump with your right-wing crap from my profile,” he wrote.

It’s worth mentioning that the former Split councillor Martin Pauk has had his hardly commendable moments of media attention too, when he called on people to throw pork scratching at (primarily Muslim) migrants, statements that machine guns should be placed on the borders because of those same migrants, and justifications of violence against Serbs or other migrants. While he was a councilor, he participated in the online session by smoking and drinking in front of the camera, another move which showcases pure class (yes, that’s sarcasm).

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