Dinamo Loses to Juventus 0:4, Team in Disarray

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The entire uselessness of such a Dinamo, sent into the jaws of Juventus on the home field with the coach of the reserve team, after key players were sold off days ahead of the Champions League start, was seen in this game

Italian football champion played in a rhythm of a regeneration training, not because it is so strong, but because on the other side is “a club once known as Dinamo,” now reduced to a laughing stock. A family sale cooperative without any sports ambition or imperative, except “take the money and run” after making it to Champions League, writes Zvonko Alač on Index.hr on September 28, 2016.

There is no point in rhetorically asking “What is point of this Dinamo?” as there is none. If those who run it from the shadows or those who are up front care at all, then they would beef up the team ahead of the season so it does not bring shame to the team and national football history every time after September starts.

Rooting for Dinamo has always been masochism, but paying several hundred Kuna to watch the middle being held by Jonas and Benković and defence by Schildenfeld and Sigali, fall into a special type of pathology.

Dinamo has been shamed many times in Champions League, but this team and players, least of their own fault, against serious teams seem and are the worst yet. Hence the young Šemper at the beginning of his career was treated to 12 goals in his net in the last three important games.

Stronger teams than Dinamo have lost and will lose to Juventus and that is not the problem. The big problem is that Dinamo players have no courage, desire, ambition to at least try something, die with honour at least. Are the ones who assembled such a Dinamo ashamed our nation is represented by a team worse than an Italian lower league team, needing a half hour to cross the centre line? Of course not.

From the perspective of a Dinamo fan it was truly a bizarre match, above all the disgrace, mockery and shame we’ve seen, since with it the concept of Dinamo in Champions League was brought to its anti-climax and on the home field, where Dinamo after two rounds has no shots on goal, while all seven on its own end up there, while changing in the first three matches of the group the same number of coaches.

Something else has changed. Bad Blue Boys have returned to the north stands. Although many will object their return brings a stench of compromise with the people Mamić installed in key positions in the club, the thunder of Dinamo fans, unlike what the players on the pitch were doing, impressed Italian and English journalists and commentators and wondered why such fans don’t have decent players in the club.

Naturally, rooting for such players is another perversion of the Dinamo type, since the one who formed this team, authored this concept and better said, dilapidated Dinamo to a grotesque level, is the one whose departure was demanded by BBB at this game.

But, when the smoke clears, those who are still in the stands will be an indicator how much of Dinamo is left and how much sense it still holds.


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