Filip Jurišić Ranks 10th in Men’s World Lasers; Grateful For Support

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Filip Jurisic Offical Page

Filip Jurišić recently placed 10th in the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) World Ranking for Men’s Laser Class, so Total Croatia Sailing caught up with him to chat.

When I saw that Filip Jurišić placed 10th in the Laser World Rankings, I immediately reached out to chat.

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Here, I have to say that Tonči Stipanović placed 4th and Pavlos Kontides – while sailing for Cypres, trains with JK Mornar in Split and placed 2nd, so JK Mornar has three sailors in the top ten world positions for Laser Class sailing – not bad.

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Left to Right Jurišić, Stipanović and Contides

While Stipanović is a more-known name, after having won Croatia’s first medal for sailing in the Olympics at Rio de Janiero, I wanted to catch up with the up-and-coming talent – Filip Jurišić and talk to him about his ranking. I honestly expected someone with a bit of an ego, or at least to tell me how great it is to be placed 10th in the World (no mere feat), but once again, what I got, was a story I wasn’t expecting.

My first question to Jurišić was – how does it feel to be placed in the top 10 World Rankings?…

Obviously, it is great, I am happy to get recognition, but my eyes are already turned to the next big challenge – the European Men’s World Championship; which will be held in September at JK Mornar in Split, along with the Laser Masters. This is the next big race and it is a huge success and honour that it will be in Split!

Jurišić went on to say that he is happy with where his and will continue to drive forward, but then he went on to speak about the reason he is, where he is.

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“The people who have supported me to get where I am, are the wind in my sails.”

I have been supported by my family and friends from a young age, especially my parents who always encouraged me. Now that I am taking sailing more seriously – in the Laser class – I have the emotional and financial support of many people. I am lucky in being from Hvar – it is a small place, so everyone knows everyone and so many people have offered their support and help.

Ivan from Laganini approached me and said – ‘I have been following you and your progress and I really want to support you for anything you need.’ I have a new boat this year thanks to Ivan and Laganini. Vese, from &adventure, has known me since I was a child, she also came to me and has supported from the beginning, always asking what she can do to help – whether it is new sails (after every race we need to replace the sails), or whatever it may be.

Then there is support from likes of Sailing BARE or our nutritionist, because how we eat and take care of ourselves is crucial – to maintain the correct weight and ensure we are eating right to sustain our energy levels before and especially during races – as we can be on the water for 5 – 6 hours; is one of the key ingredients to our success.

Of course, I get a lot of support from JK Mornar also, they are the only club who really invest everything they get back into those of us who are turning it into a profession as well as the younger generation of sailors through their sailing schools – which are free to children! And, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am without the support and training of my coach – Jozo Jakelić, he has coached myself, Tonči and Pavlos for many years; many people come from around the world to train with him, so we are lucky to have him.

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It is an expensive sport and there are so many elements to it. There are a lot of people I could probably go to for sponsorship, but I am not trying to make a business out of this, I just want to have my essentials to be able to keep training and competing.

But, like I said, I am lucky because of coming from such a great community like Hvar – for which I am really proud. Tonci is an Olympian and the fact is, he should have sponsors coming to him (like it would happen anywhere else in the world), but that is not how it works in Croatia. We do not have as much support and sportspersons are not as valued as other parts of the world, so it really takes passion to survive here.

Sailing is not just a sport or hobby, it is a lifestyle, we are fully committed to what we do and I am so thankful to have the support to be able to pursue this passion.

We managed to catch up with one of Jurišić’s sponsors as well, Vese from &adventure, to find out why she has got behind this local sportsman. Here’s what Vese had to say –

We have been supporting Filip since 2013 as &adventure, I will dare to say it was definitely a decision made more by emotions, than from a business perspective. I have known Filip since he was a child on Hvar and I admired his dedication to the sport and sailing since his young years. So, if we could give a little push to help him on the way to fulfil his dreams, then we are happy to do so.

Personally, I truly admire people who dedicate their lives to becoming professional sportsmen – ESPECIALLY in Croatia, where (unless it’s football), you can’t really make a decent living out of that profession (of course, there are exceptions); so, I am aware of the struggle to find good sponsorship to be able to chase the results and one’s dreams.

Of course, sailing is the main connection. As a company, sailing is part of what we do and what we love to do – so being one of Filip’s sponsors just made sense to us. This is our way of ‘giving back’ to the local community.

So, like I said, when I met up with Filip, I was expecting to meet a guy with ego – heck, I would have one if I was 10th in the world for anything… but rather, I met yet another passionate sailor, mad about what he does and thankful to all of those who have and do support him.

I will be getting out on the water with Filip and the boys from JK Mornar soon, to see what a day in training looks like, so you can look forward to this in our Characters of the Sea series. In the meantime, thanks for your time Vese and Filip, I look forward to following your progress leading up to the European Championship in September!

All photos courtesy of Filip’s official page; if you want to follow Filip’s journey, check out his Facebook page here

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