A Touch of Thailand in Dubrovnik!

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Reborn in my own city, and it took me just one hour…

Have you ever wondered why we tend to simply ignore those little disturbances in our bodies, like a little pain in the neck, a little something in the back?

It’s because they (usually) don’t prevent us from functioning normally, but only when we get rid of them does real life start again, and only then do we realise how it is not at all necessary to stand and suffer from those tiny
nuisances, no matter our age.

Needless to say, Dubrovnik offers a lot in so many fields. Along with the unique sites, views, culture, arts, 300 days of sunshine a year, an immaculately clean, blue sea, good food, leisure, you name it, there are two little places that can make you feel really good. Reborn, even. 

I had heard al lot from a handful of my local friends how this Thai massage works wonders. I’d heard about it and heard about it and it made me curious enough to call.

The appointment was made in less that a minute. I left my phone number and did not quite understand why they wanted my e-mail address too. Not very many minutes later, the answer was there: I received the confirmation of my appointment (not to mention an email reminder, too).

I was offered several different sorts of treatments, but as I saw this as my chance to use the occasion, I opted for a Thai deep massage. All or nothing, whatever it takes. And there I was, (even on time, which doesn’t happen too often).

Two things hit me right away as I closed the door, the first was a gorgeous aroma in the air and some distant, celestial relaxing music. They of course knew my name, and a Thai girl with a beaming smile was there to greet. A glass of water was offered, and everything is said in a calm whisper. I soon realised that it is not because the girls are shy or scared, but because the low tone creates the feeling of a secret pact, kind of an unspoken business partnership between you and the staff.

You feel like being the only client in the world, who, in turn, will never find out what your ailments or defects are! You simply feel as if you’re friends and you’re able to gain the most absolute confidence in whatever they are going to do.

The treatment begins with your feet being washed in scented lukewarm water, with flower petals and some secret ointments. The little ceremony which in Thai tradition serves to show respect to the guest, is totally opposite to the typical type of deep massage I was ready for, as soft caresses and mild splashes of aromatic water make you feel more relaxed than you thought possible. It made me think how the soles of our feet have all the nerve points related to every organ in our body.

I was then ushered into a space partitioned with full wall curtains. I felt encased, but also totally secluded and safe from the rest of the world. I lay face down and closed my eyes and relaxed. Only few words of instructions, whispered, of course, and the knots began being soothed by two hands impeccably hitting the spots on my back I did not know were so sensitive and even sore, pressing them with strong yet gentle pushes. Nothing can be heard but that wonderful, ear soothing music.

About an hour later, she put her palms together, bowed gently and said ”Thank you”.

The world outside seemed immediately brighter and more serene. Nothing was happening in my back, no tightness, no aching and no unpleasant sensations. I sat in my car without feeling any part of my body (how about your back, huh?).

Incredulous, I made a mental journey of my body that seemed not to be there any longer. Yes, reborn I was.

Looking forward to enjoy some time without those disgusting little impediments that we condition ourselves to simply ignore, it flashed down on me how just the acknowledgements displayed in that parlour are truly merited.

Those merits in particular include three Service Excellence Awards assigned by the voters of the Luxury Travel Guide from London and, among others, a Service Excellence Award voted by the ”invisible controllers” from Trip Advisor.

The magical Touch of Thai is available to everyone, all year round, right here in this little Adriatic pearl of world heritage. Don’t miss this when in Dubrovnik, just click here for more information.


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