Croatia Travel Update March 24, 2020: Borders, Flights, Restrictions, New Measures

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March 24, 2020 – As the coronavirus dominates and the effects of the Zagreb earthquake are being felt, a Croatia travel update on flights, borders, restrictions and the new measures announced by the Government. 

Things are changing very quickly as the coronavirus crisis escalates in Europe. A Croatia travel update on what is – and is not – open or running. 

But if we were to sum up the travel advice in Croatia at the moment in one word, it would be this – don’t

Leading Croatian Scientist Igor Rudan explains why in his latest fantastic piece – Why We All MUST Stay at Home for At Least One Month 

New Croatian Travel Restrictions Come into Force: What is Open?

Strict new travel measures were announced yesterday by Interior Minister, Davor Bozinovic, and they have already come into effect.

“The number of infected people is increasing; we expect further growth and these are necessary measures. It is important that the exceptions are those which are essential for the traffic and movement of goods and supplies – daily migrations in essential services, drug delivery, utilities, gas and electricity supply, journalists, emergency medical care,” Bozinovic said.

The new rules prohibit anyone leaving their place of residence (please note that place of residence means town/city, not your apartment) without special permission, or without the appropriate paperwork. A full translation of the new rules announced can be found here. The new measures have effectively brought non-essential travel in Croatia to a standstill.

For an overview of what is open and what is not, check out this morning’s Overview of Coronavirus Measures: What’s Open, What’s Closed?

Croatia Travel Update: What is the Situation on the Roads?

Snow is falling in many parts of the country. The latest road update from HAK in English is below. Click on this link for the latest.

According to the decision of the Civil Protection Team all Croatian inhabitants have to stay in their place of residence, travelling is allowed only to persons with a permission.
Due to winter driving conditions and due to very strong wind all traffic is suspended:
  • on the A1 motorway between Sveti Rok and Posedarje junctions, detour: DC50/DC27 Gračac-Obrovac-Karin state roads.
Passenger traffic is allowed only:
  • on the A6 Rijeka-Zagreb motorway between Kikovica and Delnice junctions (no free road for freight traffic);
  • on the DC54 Maslenica-Zaton Obrovački state road.
On the part of the DC8 Adriatic road Senj-Karlobag, on the A7 Draga-Šmrika motorway and on the LC58107 Križišće-Kraljevica local road there is a traffic ban on: doubledeckers, trailers, motorcycles, from Novi Vinodolski to Senj, from Karlobag to Sveta Marija Magdalena on the DC8 Adriatic road on the delivery vans and vehicles with covered cargo area too.
On the A6 Rijeka-Zagreb motorway at Kikovica junction in direction Zagreb one lane is free only, at Oštrovica and Vrata junctions as well as on the DC3 state road between Lučice and Kikovica junctions in direction Rijeka all traffic is closed due to traffic control.
It is snowing in Gorski kotar and Lika mountain areas, in the northern coastal area, in the central and eastern parts. There is a traffic ban on freight vehicles with trailers, while all other vehicles have to use the winter equipment on the following roads of
Lika mountain area:
  • DC1 Krnjačko Zagorje-Slunj-Grabovac-Vaganac, Ondić-Gračac
  • DC8 Senj-Karlobag
  • DC23 Kapela-Žuta Lokva-Senj
  • DC25 Korenica-Lički Osik
  • DC25 Gospić-Karlobag
  • DC31 Žuta Lokva-Lički Osik
  • DC42 Stubica-Vrbovsko-Ljubošina
  • DC52 Špilnik-Korenica
  • DC217 Ličko Petrovo Selo-Ličko Petrovo Selo border crossing
  • DC522 Udbina-Gornja Ploča
  • ŽC5169 Bjelopolje-Donji Lapac
  • all regional and local roads in Lika-Senj county;

Gorski kotar mountain area:

  • A6 Rijeka-Zagreb motorway, section Delnice-Kikovica
  • DC3 Zdihovo-Vrbovsko-Kupjak-Delnice-Kikovica
  • DC32 Prezid border crossing-Parg (DC305)-Delnice (DC3)
  • DC42 Stubica-Ogulinski Hreljin
  • DC203 Brod na Kupi border crossing-Delnice (DC3)
  • DC305 Parg (DC32)-Čabar
  • DC501 Gornje Jelenje-Meja
  • ŽC5030 Platak-Kamenjak
  • ŽC5032 Crni Lug-Mrzle Vodice-G. Jelenje (DC3)
  • ŽC5191 Sopač (DC3)-Mrkopalj-Tuk
  • ŽC5062 Kraljev Jarak-Fužine-Lukovo
  • ŽC5068 Hreljin-Zlobin-Fužine
  • ŽC5094 Breze-Stalak
  • other regional and local roads in the area of Vrbovsko and Delnice;

the eastern parts:

  • DC53 Dilj-Slavonski Brod-Slavonski Brod border crossing.
During the day difficulties can occur in roadwork areas.
Drivers are asked to adjust the driving speed to road conditions and to keep the safety distance.
Roadworks in progress:
A3 Zagreb detour road:

  • at Sava bridge (most Sava) between Kosnica and Ivanja Reka junctions one lane is free only in each direction till 27 April (driving speed limit of 40 km/h);
  • temporary traffic signals at Jankomir junction;
  • traffic is closed at Lučko junction in/from direction Blato/Lučko on the DC1 state road till 15 April;

A3 Bregana-Lipovac motorway:

  • traffic is closed at Novska jug and sjever rest areas;
A4 Zagreb-Goričan motorway:
  • 24th-34th km between Ludbreg and Varaždin junctions one lane is free only in each direction; Varaždin rest area is closed in direction Zagreb till 29 May;
A8/A9 highway in Istria:
  • at Vodnjan jug junction all traffic is suspended in both directions;
  • between Rogovići and Vranja junctions one lane is free only due to roadworks;
  • between Cerovlje and Lupoglav junctions traffic is occasionally suspended for 15 minutes at noon.
Till 31 March 2020 the headlights have to be on during the day as well.

Croatia Travel Update: Are the borders of Croatia open? 

This is the latest official information from HAK on the situation at the borders of Croatia. For the latest information (in English), check out the HAK website

At the following border crossings transit freight traffic is allowed:

  • at Bregana and Macelj (with Slovenia);
  • at Goričan and Duboševica (with Hungary);
  • at Nova Sela, Stara Gradiška and Slavonski Šamac (with Bosnia and Herzegovina);
  • at Bajakovo (with Serbia).

Transit passengers information, if travelling through Republic of Croatia:

  • use motorways only;
  • use the following rest areas only: Novska jug, Novska sjever, Kozjak jug, Prokljan sjever, Draganić sjever, Draganić jug, Bačva and Ravna Gora;
  • during breaks keep distance between You and other people;
  • obey the rules of Civil protection or police officers.

At all border crossings with Croatia inbound traffic is allowed only to Croatian citizens (14-day isolation mandatory) as well as for some special groups of people, such as medical personnel, scientists, eldercare personnel, cross-border workers, freight traffic, diplomats, police officers, civil protection teams, international organizations members, militaries and transit passengers.

At the border crossings with Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro traffic is closed for all vehicles, except for the citizens of these countries as well as for freight vehicles.

Traffic is suspended at the following border crossings with Slovenia:Lucija, Slum, Vele Mune, Lipa, Prezid II, Zamost, Blaževci, Prilišće, Pravutina, Obrež, Vivodina, Kašt, Novo Selo Žumberačko, Kraj Donji, Gornji Čemehovec, Draše, Plavić, Luke Poljanske, Mali Tabor, Klenovec Humski, Gornja Voća, Preseka, Sveti Martin na Muri, Čabar, Cvetlin, Zlogonje, Banfi.

Due to roadworks, traffic is closed at the following border crossings:

  • at Goričan border crossing, detour: Goričan junction-ŽC2026-DC3;
  • at Dvor and Vitaljina border crossings – open only to passenger traffic;
  • at Gunja border crossing – there is a traffic ban on freight vehicles and buses.

Due to traffic bans on freight vehicles in Slovenia long delays should be expected in freight traffic at Bregana/Obrežje and Macelj/Gruškovje border crossings starting 1 June.

Croatia Travel Update: Are the ferries in Croatia running normally?

This is the latest update from HAK:

Due to wind the following ferries and ships do not operate:
  • Prizna-Žigljen and Lopar-Valbiska ferries;
  • Mali Lošinj-Unije-Susak ship.

Komiža-Biševo-Komiža catamaran (at 9.30am) operates on the line Porat-Uvala Salbunara-Mezoporat-Luka Komiža.

According to the decision of the Civil Protection Team all Croatian inhabitants have to stay in their place of residence, travelling is allowed only to persons with a permission.
The following ships operate only:
Mali Lošinj-Unije-Srakane Vele-Susak, Ilovik-Mrtvaška, Rava-Mala Rava-Veli Iž-Mali Iž-Zadar, Vrgada-Pakoštane-Biograd, Krapanj-Brodarica, Vodice-Prvić-Šepurine-Prvić Luka-Zlarin-Šibenik, Komiža-Biševo, Suđurađ-Lopud-Koločep-Dubrovnik.
Reduced journeys on some local lines due to COVID-19 complications, however the following lines operate (till 30 April):

RIJEKA area:
332 Valbiska-Merag:

departure from Merag: 5am, 6.30am, 12.30pm, 3pm, 7pm;
departure from Valbiska: 5.45am, 7.15am, 1.30pm, 3.45pm, 8pm;

334 Brestova-Porozina:
no journeys;

335 Prizna-Žigljen:
departure from Prizna: 7.10am, 11.10am, 3.10pm, 8.10pm;
departure from Žigljen: 7.30am, 11.30am, 3.30pm, 6.30pm;

338 Valbiska-Lopar:
departure from Lopar: 6am;
departure from Valbiska: 6.20pm;

ZADAR area:
431 Zadar-Preko:

departure from Zadar: 7.30am, 11.30am, 3.30pm, 6pm, 8.45pm;
departure from Preko: 7am, 10.30am, 12.15pm, 4pm, 6.40pm;

432 Biograd-Tkon:
departure from Tkon: 7.25am, 9.30am, 1.20pm, 6.10pm;
departure from Biograd: 8am, 11am, 2.30pm, 6.40pm;

434 Brbinj-Zadar:
departure from Brbinj: 6am, noon;
departure from Zadar: 10am, 4.30pm;

505 Vodice-Šepurine-Prvić Luka-Zlarin-Šibenik:

departure from Vodice: 4.45am, noon;
departure from Šibenik: 9.30am, 3.30pm;

SPLIT area:
604 Split-Vela Luka-Ubli:

departure from Ubli: 4.30am;
departure from Split: 3pm;

606 Drvenik Veli-Drvenik Mali-Trogir:
departure from Drvenik Veli: 6am;
departure from Trogir: 3.30pm;

631 Split-Supetar:
departure from Split: 6.15am, 11am, 2.15pm, 6.15pm;
departure from Supetar: 6.30am, 10.30am, 12.30pm, 3.30pm;

632 Drvenik-Sućuraj:
departure from Sućuraj: 6.30am, 1pm, 6pm;
departure from Drvenik: 8am, 1.45pm, 7pm;

634 Orebić-Dominče:
departure from Dominče: 7am, 11.10am, 2.10pm, 5.40pm, 8pm;
departure from Orebić: 7.20am, 11.30am, 2.30pm, 8.30pm;

635 Split-Stari Grad:
departure from Split: 8.30am, 6.30pm;
departure from Stari Grad: 5.30am, 3.30pm;

636 Split-Rogač:
departure from Rogač: 5.30am, 10am, 5.30pm;
departure from Split: 6.45am, 11.15am, 8.30pm;

638 Makarska-Sumartin:
no journeys;

807 Dubrovnik-Lopud-Koločep-Suđurađ:

departure from Suđurađ: 6am, 11.55am;
departure from Dubrovnik: 10am, 4.30pm;

831 Dubrovnik-Lopud-Suđurađ:
departure from Suđurađ: 8am;
departure from Dubrovnik: 3pm;

832 Prapratno-Sobra:
departure from Prapratno: 7am, 5pm;
departure from Sobra: 6am, 3pm.

The following lines operate regularly:
RIJEKA area:

310 Mali Lošinj-Srakane Vele-Unije-Susak-Mali Lošinj;

ZADAR area:
401 Zadar (Gaženica)-Ist-Olib-Silba-Premuda-Mali Lošinj;
433 Zadar (Gaženica)-Rivanj-Sestrunj-Zverinac-Molat-Ist;
435 Zadar (Gaženica)-Bršanj (Iž)-Rava-Mala Rava;

ŠIBENIk area:
532 Šibenik-Zlarin-Obonjan-Kaprije-Žirje;

SPLIT area:
602 Split-Vis;
633 Ploče-Trpanj (Pelješac).

Split-Ancona international line does not operate till 1 April, Dubrovnik-Bari till 19 April 2020.
Till 1 June 2020 401 Zadar (Gaženica)-Ist-Olib-Silba-Premuda-Mali Lošinj ferry does not embark at Silba port due to roadworks.

As reported earlier on TCN, Jadrolinija is now requesting that passengers make their ticket purchases online or via their app. 

You can check the latest from Jadrolinija on their website.



(From the Jadrolinija homepage)

Croatia Travel Update: What is the situation with train travel in Croatia?

The latest HAK update on the railway is here:

But please be aware that at the March 21 press conference, it was announced that there would be a suspension of all bus and train connections between cities. 

Croatia Travel Update: What is the situation with flights to Croatia?

The closing of the EU external borders took effect a couple of days ago, a measure that will last for 30 days. As such, all international flights outside EU borders have now been cancelled. There are still flights to Zagreb within EU borders, and so there is not a total flight ban, as ExYuAviation noted a few days ago:

The EU travel will only partially affect Croatia. Under the plan, only visitors from non-EU states will not be allowed to enter the region unless they are long-term residents of the EU, family members of EU nationals, diplomats, cross-border commuters, or essential workers like doctors, nurses, and researchers. The majority of Croatia Airlines’ network is concentrated within the EU, however, plummeting demand and various national restrictions will see the carrier cancel at least nine return flights today, among which are services to cities outside of the block such as Sarajevo and Skopje. Furthermore, flights from Zagreb to Copenhagen, Vienna and Munich have also been cancelled so far today. Despite the new circumstances, Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways will operate their flights to the Croatian capital today.

HOWEVER, checking the Zagreb airport departures page today, there are two non-EU flights are not cancelled according to the Zagreb Airport website – Sarajevo and Istanbul. Here is the Zagreb Airport departures page for the latest info. Contact your airline for the latest news regarding your flight. 

Most flights from Split are cancelled, but there are currently two flights Zagreb showing for today, and one for tomorrow. Check the timetable here.

Dubrovnik Airport has been closed, as there has been a positive COVID-19 case among the cleaning staff. 

Croatia Airlines also have a dedicated information page on which of their flights are going, as well as flight cancellations.

We have had a LOT of emails asking what will happen with flight cancellations, and will things be ok in May, June and beyond. Obviously, we have no idea how things will develop. With the 30-day international ban, most flights are already cancelled. We hope the situation will improve, but recommend you check with your individual airline, who will be better informed than us. If there are any major announcements, we will publish them on TCN. Please do not contact us with individual queries about your flight, as we have limited resources currently and are unable to help more than this update.

Croatia Travel Update: Are buses running in Croatia?

According to the March 21 press conference, all bus routes between towns are being suspended. 

However, some bus lines will run for those who require public transportation to get to work, like those in public and other services under the responsibility of the Civil Protection Headquarters. 

For Zagreb

For Split

For Rijeka

If you have any questions, check the website of your local public transportation service. 

Croatia Travel Update: Are taxis running in Croatia?

Taxi applications are still working in Croatia, though you’ll notice a drop in drivers who didn’t want to risk coming in contact with passengers. 

Many taxi companies in Croatia are also offering free rides to medical staff to and from work.

What about ZET Passes in Zagreb?

 The City of Zagreb has issued a statement on ZET passes.

The Civil Protection Headquarters pass for ZET emergency transport is issued through the employer to the employees:

– health institutions from the City of Zagreb,
– employees in the social protection system of the City of Zagreb,
– pharmacy staff in the City of Zagreb,
– mobilized volunteers of the City of Zagreb Civil Protection,
– employees of public services (ministries, City Administration – affiliated institutions, municipal and traffic police, employees of Zagreb Holding and affiliated companies).

Passes are not issued to employees in the system:

– MUP,
– the MOD,
– the Directorate of Civil Protection,
– Public fire brigades of the City of Zagreb,
– mobilized members of voluntary fire companies.

They use extraordinary ZET transportation on the basis of their employer ID, the statement said.

Croatia Travel Update: What are the self-isolation rules for people arriving, who do they apply to, and what is the procedure?

There has been a lot of confusion about the mandatory 14-day self-isolation requirements, what they entail and how they are enforced, as well as who they apply to.  I am very grateful to Lauren Simmonds for this excellent overview, having contacted and worked through various sources of conflicting information. Check out Lauren’s guide to self-isolation in Croatia here

The Croatian Government has launched a new information website to coordinate all information about coronavirus in Croatia, called This includes a page (in Croatian – Google Translate is your friend) called Going on a Trip

A new Viber account dispensing official updates set up by the Government yesterday already has 400,000 followers.

If you have any reliable information to improve the resource above, please contact me on [email protected] and I will update if relevant. 

For the latest on the coronavirus crisis in Croatia, follow the dedicated TCN section.  

For the latest information on the Zagreb earthquake, you can find the TCN coverage here

Stay safe! 


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