Discover the Top 7 Sandy Beaches in Croatia

Katarina Anđelković

Pašman Tourist Board

July 12, 2023 – There are so many beaches along the 5,835 kilometres of the Croatian Adriatic coast. About 74% of the total Adriatic coast is made up of islands, peninsulas and bays, making it one of the most indented coasts in the world. Although pebbly beaches are the most common, you can also find many sandy beaches in Croatia that will sweep you off your feet (and not only because sand tends to get really warm).

Turisticke Price brings an overview of the nicest sandy beaches in Croatia. Summer is here; see if you can visit all of them!

One of the most famous sandy beaches in Croatia is also a party destination

Bačvice is a neighbourhood in Split, after which this famous beach is named. It is known worldwide, and tourists who visit once will forever remember the experience. Bačvice is a sandy beach in the heart of the city that becomes a famous party destination at night. Also, in the Travellers’ Choice Awards, initiated by the Tripadvisor community, 22 trending world destinations were chosen, and Split made the list.

The beach officially opened in 1919 and quickly became a city symbol.

The beach is sandy and shallow. It is ideal for families but also larger groups. In addition to the sandy ones, there are also concrete parts. There are many bars and restaurants nearby.

Aleksandar Gospic –

Crystal Clear Sea and White Sand

Sakarun is located on the northwestern side of Dugi Otok and is one of the most famous beaches in the Zadar region. This beach is known for its white sand, crystal clear sea and a unique pine forest. It is perfect for family trips due to the shallowness of the sea, and it is a little less than a kilometre long.

Sakarun is famous as one of the most beautiful wild beaches on the Adriatic, adored by boaters who have a floating mooring at their disposal in the wide bay. You can reach this beach by ferry from Zadar via Božava (10 km) or by catamaran via Sali (40 km).

Over 100 Meters of Walking in the Sea

Beach Šunj, on the southern side of the romantic island of Lopud, located near Dubrovnik, is a one-kilometre-long sandy beach. This beach is exceptionally shallow, and before you can start swimming, you will have to walk more than 100 meters in the warm sea. It is for this reason that it’s extremely popular for families with younger children.

There are no cars on Lopud, and this pleasant and peaceful place will delight you. Next to Šunj beach is a forest park where you can enjoy enchanting nature. You can reach the beach by boat from Dubrovnik.

Sandy Oasis on the “Island of Love”

If you are looking for a peaceful family vacation or a romantic getaway, the Mrljanje village on Pašman will surely win you over. The sandy beach surrounded by tamarisk trees is a real paradise on earth, and there is no shortage of Dalmatian bocce games here.

The heart-shaped island of Galešnjak is one of the beauties that adorns the Croatian coast and makes the tourist offer unique. It is an islet located in the Pašman channel between the island of Pašman and the town of Turanj on the mainland. It is reputed to be the most famous heart of the Adriatic.

Furthermore, the island of Pašman is much more than just an island with beautiful beaches, excellent gastronomy and a rich cultural heritage. All fans of active vacations and adventurers will be delighted with the excellent offer because Pašman truly exudes attractive adventures, but the peace and beautiful surroundings keep tourists coming back to this place.

Pašman Tourist Board

Paradise Beach – the name says it all

Only 12 kilometres from the town of Rab, you will find Lopar, also known as the “sandy paradise”, thanks to its many natural sandy beaches. The largest and most famous sandy beach in Lopar on the island of Rab is Rajska plaža (Paradise Beach), almost 2 kilometres long.

It waves the “Blue Flag” for its water quality, environmental protection and safety, and it also made it to CNN’s list of Top 100 world beaches.

Golden-yellow sand is the main feature of Lopar, and it is present on 22 sandy beaches surrounding the peninsula. The largest of them is the aforementioned Paradise Beach. During June, it turns into an open-air studio, where many young artists create original sculptures in the sand for a whole week.

The Royal beach

One of the trademarks of the oldest Croatian royal city of Nin are the long natural sandy beaches with a total length of 8,000 metres.

According to the American Travel Channel, Kraljičina plaža (Queen’s Beach) is included among the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world.

The name of the beach is connected with the legend that during his stay in Nin, the first Croatian king Tomislav rested there with the queen and watched the sunrise with a view of Velebit. Near the beach, you will also find medicinal mud whose benefits were once discovered by Queen Jelena herself.

Not only tourists are delighted with the royal beach, it receives other interesting visitors as well. In fact, the visit of no less than a flamenco surprised everyone there. It wasn’t the first visit of this exotic species in this oasis of peace rich in food, but it is not certain whether the same bird always appears. The sandy stretches of Nin host a Sand Festival as well.


Mljet Sutmiholjska Beach

Speaking of beautiful beaches on the Adriatic, we must not leave out Mljet, an island known for its breathtaking beaches. One of them is the Sutmiholjska sandy beach.

Sutmiholjska sandy beach is one of the most popular on the island, which is not surprising given the beauty of the nature that surrounds it. It is located in the central part of Mljet, near Babino Polje, reachable by a small narrow road.


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