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Ivan Ivankovic
Ivan Ivankovic

So, you are coming to Dubrovnik this summer? Good idea! While it is safe to assume there will be some disease prevention measures in place on the flights and in some businesses catering to international guests, travelling this year might warrant certain unexpected benefits.

For many in the travel industry, we have entered another year of sheer uncertainty. Governments around the world are mostly avoiding the topic or ending lockdowns and returning their communities to a normal way of life. At the same time, new strands of COVID-19 and scarce vaccines are making things even more complicated. It’s not all bad, though. As a traveller, there is a certain anything-can-happen feeling in the air that will gain momentum as the days get longer and warmer. What ever happens next, there is a good chance we will be seeing international travel making a comeback during the summer of 2021. This and recent news of international flights being announced to Dubrovnik and other parts of Croatia do wonders for the rising positivity among local tourism businesses.

Allow me to jump on-board the cautious optimism train and give you some of my tips for getting the best out of your 2021 Dubrovnik vacation.

This will be another good year for discount-hunters.

If you like getting more out of your money, this is a good year to hunt for some discounts. Asking for a possibility of a reduced price is not a bad idea during such a sensitive year for tourism. Please be mindful, though. Nobody likes a professional complainer, so please make sure to ask for a discount before actually purchasing a product or service, not after you’ve consumed it. And remember: Croatians love cash. Payments in cash are way more likely to get you a discounted price.

Area perfect for social distancing

Dubrovnik area, much like most of Croatia, is perfect for holidaymakers wishing to spend some time away from the crowds. I know there were plenty of stories about Dubrovnik as an overcrowded destination, but those were describing only the situation in the most popular historical areas and beaches. There is plenty more to the Dubrovnik area. The islands, Konavle Villages, Peljesac Peninsula or Neretva River Delta; all these places are perfect for social distancing even on the busiest of years. With a bit of effort you will always find a beautiful spot just for you and your friends or loved ones.

Main attractions haven’t been this accessible in a long time

Speaking of the busiest and most popular Dubrovnik spots, you better enjoy them before they once again become too crowded. Dubrovnik is a city with centuries’ long tradition of people visiting it. The plague epidemics of the 14th and 16th century weren’t enough to keep people away from it. Neither was the devastating war of 1990s. It is safe to assume COVID-19 is no match for this city’s everlasting charm. In other words, it is only a question of time before Dubrovnik streets are once again full of people from all corners of the world, having the time of their life. If you are like me and find no joy waiting in lines to enter a museum, you need to book your ticket to Dubrovnik as soon as possible. This year will mark the return of international travel, but it probably won’t be in its full force. Use this to your advantage and enjoy the most popular corners of the historical centre with no crowds or waiting times.

Mingling with locals is once again an option

Because of the sheer number of visitors, rising prices and lack of spare time, Dubrovnik locals have become a rare sight on the city’s beaches and popular tourist spots. This certainly wasn’t the case in 2020 and it might not be the case in 2021. Being so focused on tourism, many Dubrovnik locals found themselves without much to do during the summer of 2020. On the upside, they had the beaches and city squares for themselves for the first time in 20 or so years. This was a welcomed change for many. When it comes to leisure time and family fun, most of us enjoyed one of the best summers of our adult lives last year. It is going to be hard to go back to the old ways of working every day during the summer while leaving the good life to the tourists. In 2021 you can be certain you will still find local people around town and most of our guests will appreciate the chance to mingle with the local population.

Explore on your own or find a private guide

To make sure you get the best of your Dubrovnik stay, get informed and explore the area on your own terms. This year, local tourism information offices will have more time to point you in the right direction and rent-a-car and boat charter companies will be eager to get your business. Even better, hire a private guide or a private driver. There are plenty good quality local services catering to individual guests through bespoke services and tours. This is the year when these businesses will be able to offer that little bit of extra attention to their guests we all appreciate when travelling.

When all is said and done, 2021 will have all you need for a vacation of a lifetime in Dubrovnik. Use this to your advantage and throw away the gloom and doom of 2020.

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