Eco Ethno Village Strug: Weekend Escape to an Idyllic Countryside

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Donatella Pauković
The restaurant at the Eco-Ethno village Strug
The restaurant at the Eco-Ethno village Strug

October 9, 2020 – Even though rural areas in Croatia are not as popular as urban ones, they also hide immense traditional beauty. Check out the Eco Ethno village Strug, a perfect place to enjoy nature and traditional Posavina dishes in the company of many domestic animals.

Rural tourism in Croatia has a lot to offer. One of such beautiful rural areas is the Eco-Ethno village Strug, a rural tourist estate known for its magical scenes of idyllic countryside.


Rainy and cloudy day at the Eco-Ethno village Strug / Donatella Pauković


And yes, by saying the countryside, it is a village with an unusual surrounding of untouched nature, dirt, mud (when it rains), and domestic animals. But it all makes the experience of visiting unique and real!


Calmness and relaxation

The Eco-ethno village Strug is located in a small village of Plesmo in the heart of Posavina and is part of the Nature Park Lonjsko Polje. The name Strug was given after the eponymous Posavina canal that flows in the area.

The whole estate contains several decorated traditional oak houses for staying overnight, and a restaurant with traditional dishes overlooking the small excavated pond, and a large pasture where Posavina horses graze and run freely. The whole atmosphere at the estate is so calm and relaxing you almost feel like you’re ruining it. You can feel it in the video below:


To complete the atmosphere, the rooms and apartments are decorated in an authentic ethno style but are equipped with a television, safe, central heating, air conditioner, and a refrigerator. In this remote village 30 minutes away from the closest small town of Novska, it is difficult to catch a mobile signal, but the cottages and the restaurant have free wireless internet.



Traditional oak houses (in the distance) and a wooden shed (on the right) / Donatella Pauković


The restaurant can be visited whether you want to have lunch, dinner, or just enjoy an afternoon coffee watching the domestic farm animals, which makes a perfect weekend getaway.


The whole atmosphere at the Eco-Ethno village Strug is calm and relaxing / Donatella Pauković


A small eaves and a terrace in front of the restaurant that can be used when it’s hot and sunny / Donatella Pauković


Food heaven

The restaurant offers many Posavina traditional specialties, of which the most prominent is venison. Deer in cranberry sauce and boar in the plum sauce are dishes that must be tasted here, and river fish specialties such as perch, catfish, and pike are also offered.