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National Park Krka

Continuing our look at National Park Krka beyond the waterfalls, an overview of available boat rides, merging multiple highlights of the park into an unforgettable experience

In the last couple of months, we presented numerous man-made attractions located in National Park Krka to show how much the area has to offer beyond its world-renowned natural features. The coming spring is an ideal time for a visit: the weather is likely to grow more pleasant with each passing week, and you’ll get to enjoy the park while it’s not yet occupied by tens of thousands of tourists which flock to Krka in summer months.

NP Krka offers several boat excursions which make for a convenient way to visit multiple remarkable attractions in the park in one go – and see the famous waterfalls along the way. All excursions start from either Skradinski Buk or Roški Slap waterfalls, heading on to some of Krka’s iconic cultural, sacred and archaeological sites. 


Skradinski Buk


1. Skradinski Buk – Visovac island

The tiny islet of Visovac is situated in the middle of a lake of the same name. A true historical and sacred gem, Visovac is home to the Franciscan Monastery of Our Lady of Mercy and its church of Our Lady of Visovac, both more than 500 years old.


According to a local legend, the Franciscans were forced to flee Bosnia during the Turkish invasions in the 15th century, seeking refuge on Visovac and bringing along a painting of the Virgin. The sacred work has remained an emblem of worship of Our Lady to this day, and the Franciscan community – currently composed of ten resident monks – allows visits to the island to pilgrims and tourists.


You can visit the church and the monastery which houses an outstanding archaeological collection, an impressive library and a collection of valuable liturgical objects.


A rare illustrated edition of Aesop’s fables, printed in 1487

Starting from the magnificent waterfalls of Skradinski Buk, the excursion lasts for a total of two hours, with a 30-minute stop on Visovac island. You’ll be accompanied by a tour guide who will get you acquainted with NP Krka and the treasures of Visovac. 

Learn more about the tour here.


2. Skradinski Buk – Roški Slap

While you can reach the iconic Roški Slap waterfall by road, a boat ride makes for a much more enjoyable way to experience the wonderful vistas of NP Krka – without the crowds. This 3,5-hour tour starts the same way as the one described above, departing from Skradinski Buk for a 30-minute tour of Visovac island. After that, the boat ride will take you through the canyon Među Gredama, ending in a 1-hour sightseeing tour of Roški Slap.


Roški Slap 

You’ll walk along the trail overlooking the stunning ‘necklace’ cascades and travertine islands, then take a tour of the historical watermills – some of the most prized ethnographic monuments in all Croatia. The mills were built in the 17th and the 18th centuries as part of the system of pre-industrial water plants which used to operate along the river. Head here to learn more about the ethno villages of Krka.

Find more details about the tour here.

3. Roški Slap – Trošenj Fortress – Krka Monastery

NP Krka houses not one, but two monasteries with a history of over 500 years – and of two different denominations. A boat ride departing from Roški Slap will take you to the Krka Monastery, a spiritual centre of the Orthodox faith. While the complex was first mentioned in historical documents in 1402, it was built on the foundations of an older Eremite monastery – and the catacombs below the church date back to ancient Roman times, bearing witness to an existence of a much older settlement.


Krka Monastery 

Officially founded in 1577, the Monastery of the Holy Archangel is regarded as one of the most significant centres of the Orthodox Dalmatian eparchy, seated in Šibenik. The domed church is built in the Byzantine style, with a Romanesque bell-tower adjacent.


This remarkable place is home to a library with a variety of historical manuscripts, valuable incunables and rare books; there’s also a collection of wooden icons and liturgical objects. Both the monastery and the catacombs are open to visitors.


The tour is 2,5 hours long, and it’s worth noting you’ll see one more icon of NP Krka along the way: Trošenj, a medieval fortress built by the family Šubić to monitor a strategically important bridge over the river. You can read more about the five forts of Krka here.


Trošenj Fortress

All three excursions are available on appointment. You can find the prices here, and learn more about the wonders of National Park Krka on their website


Image source: National Park Krka Archive / Romulic and Stojcic


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