Marin Zovko Walked Through All of Croatia in 100 Days

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Marin Zovko walked through the whole of Croatia in 100 days
Marin Zovko walked through the whole of Croatia in 100 days

October 27, 2020 – It took three months for Marin Zovko to walk 2,282 kilometers from Ilok to Prevlaka. He carried a 21-kilogram backpack with him, and he walked in the rain for days.

As 24sata reports, 38-year-old Marin Zovko from Zagreb walked the whole of Croatia in 100 days this summer, namely the trails Croatia Long Distance and Via Adriatica. He set off on June 28 and finished on October 5.

Croatia Long Distance covers the four most protruding points, the easternmost Ilok, the northernmost Sveti Martin, the westernmost Savudrija, and the southernmost Prevlaka. Via Adriatica starts from the southernmost point in Istria, from Cape Kamenjak, and ends also in Prevlaka. Marin successfully mastered both tracks and walked an incredible 2282 kilometers.

Loneliness was the hardest

He has been actively involved in mountaineering for six years, but by profession, he is an IT specialist. He walked an average of 25 km a day, and the maximum daily mileage was 57 km. Although he went through very difficult terrain and struggled with difficult weather conditions, he did not think about giving up.

“I wasn’t sure either, but I believed I would get to the end,” said Marin, who fortunately did not suffer any injuries on the way. He had the great support of family, friends, and co-workers, but out of all the physical exertion and weather conditions, the most difficult was loneliness.

“In 100 days of walking, I only had company for nine days, which means I walked alone for 90 days. And it used to be quite difficult, especially when Velebit and rain happen, and when you don’t see a living person around you for five days. And then when you go down to a village after so many days of solitude, you talk to the lady at the cash register for 15 minutes because you wanted a little communication,” said Marin, who was pleasantly surprised by the people he met along the way.


Next is kayaking on the Adriatic

During the trip, he met all the animals except the wolf and the lynx, but he had no major unpleasant situations. He says that you cannot prepare for such an endeavor, but you simply need to be in good physical shape.

“As the days went by, I felt progress. In the beginning, I had to stop every half hour, 40 minutes, take off my backpack to rest a bit and come to my senses, and towards the end, I could walk for two hours without stopping,” Marin explained.

His backpack weighed about 21 kilograms on average, and the heaviest was 24 kilograms.

“I brought everything. I had a stove, cooking utensils, a gas cartridge, a burner, food for a minimum of three days, sleeping bags, a sleeping pad, a sleeping bag between two trees, T-shirts, long sleeves, leather jacket, hat, glove, miscellaneous electronics,” revealed Marin, who planned to complete the trip in 90 days, but the weather conditions dictated the pace.

In 100 days of travel, he also had 15 days of rest because, as he says, rest was inevitable for him. His next wish is to go kayaking on the Adriatic, but this time from south to north.


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