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Jure Ravlić

Over the weekend of the 4th and 5th August 2017, Martinis Marchi hosted their sixth annual summer party, and it proved to be an absolute highlight event on the Adriatic this summer. There were gladiator performances, fire dancers, a feast, champagne even royalty in attendance as well as top luxury brands like Sunseeker, Rolex, Tomić & Co. BMW, Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty… a weekend to remember!

The Martinis Marchi Summer Party, I have heard about it, read about it, even written about it, but I had never actually been, until now. This past weekend, over the 4th and 5th August 2017, Martinis Marchi hosted their sixth annual summer party. Every year has its theme and this year, the weekend was in honour of Ancient Rome, and proved to be one of their best events yet.

Friday was a relaxed affair, but with plenty of entertainment and luxury on offer, the curious and adventurous got to test SEABOB a luxury sea-toy you will find on many luxury yachts. SEABOB allows people to glide above or below the water, transitioning seamlessly between both, all the user has to do is move their body-weight, and SEABOB does the rest.

Following on with luxury, the Split Old-Timers had their beautiful vintage cars on display as well as Tomić & Co BMW offering test drives in their new iPerformance series; the setting was like something out of a Bond movie with the Martinis Marchi Castle providing the perfect backdrop. The night then moved into a casual BBQ in the Martinis gardens.

03 Fotografije - Josip Radiå (800 x 533).jpg

Credit: Mario Jelavic

02 Fotografije - Josip Radiå (800 x 533).jpg

Credit: Mario Jelavic, 

BMW_MM_02_Anamarija Asanovic (800 x 534).jpg

Credit: Jure Ravlic, 

While Friday was a beautiful day, most everyone was saving themselves for the highlight event – Saturday. We arrived by boat to Maslinica bay in the late afternoon, where we were greeted by a full Marina of luxury yachts thanks to their main partner for the event – Sunseeker, and the red carpet was rolled out, which set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Martinis boat.jpg

Credit: Tash Pericic, boat ride to Martinis Marchi


Credit: Tash Pericic, Total Split’s Editor – Daniela Rogulj on the red carpet

There is no luxury, without an appreciation for the finer things in life; so, it is only fitting that the afternoon started with an art exhibition ‘Towards a Renaissance’ by well-known Brač artist Jakšić Čokrić, or Puko as he is affectionately known. To speak about Puko, I would need to write an entire article dedicated just to him (which I will). But, at a glance, he is the author and director of many theatrical works, founder and director of a local Klapa group, several documentaries have been filmed about him including The Man Who Made Zlatni Rat Longer’ and of course, he is a painter, sculptor… An overall creative and impressive human. So, international guests got a taste of genuine, Croatian talent with his array of bright, beautiful paintings and lively sculptures.


Credit: Mario Jelavic, Puko with Klapa and Marija Gamulin 

SAM_3075 (800 x 450).jpg

Credit: Tash Pericic

Following this, we met and chatted with Marc Terenzi, a pop singer from the States who has had huge success in Germany and recently won the German Reality TV show ‘I’m a Celebrity get me out of Here’. Terenzi is good friends with the owner of the hotel, Hartmut Lademacher, so was in Croatia for the first time thanks to an invitation from Hartmut. Terenzi has travelled and performed all over the world in more than 40 countries with his music career; yet, he had nothing but praise to sing about Croatia and particularly Šolta and Martinis Marchi.

SAM_2988 (600 x 338).jpg

“I met Hartmut years ago, and we instantly became good friends. He has been telling me about Solta and Croatia all this time, and I have been meaning to visit, so when he mentioned the Martinis Marchi Summer party, I decided I needed to do it finally, and I am so glad I did.

It is like something from a fairy tale everywhere you look. This is the most beautiful place in the world I have ever been. I haven’t taken a holiday in more than five years, as I am always working or touring, this is the first time I am on holiday, and I feel like the fog is starting to lift… What an inspirational and beautiful place; I will definitely be back.”

SAM_2978 (600 x 338).jpg

Credit: Daniela Rogulj, at the Piano with Marc Terenzi

After viewing the exhibition and getting serenaded by Terenzi, we made our way through the Ancient Rome Village in front of the Marina. There were various ‘stalls’ from blacksmiths and potters, to basket rides for children and we stopped to get a flower crown made by one of the ‘villagers’.

Martinis Marchi Party 2017-277 (700 x 1049).jpg

Credit: Mario Jelavic

As we continued towards the amphitheatre there was a display by Croatia Sotheby’s International Realty, the leading agency for luxury properties in Croatia. The atmosphere was electric, everyone was getting into character for the night, there were togas and Ancient Roman dress everywhere you looked. Quite an ironic scene – seeing everyone dressed in togas, stepping off their luxury yachts; it was Ancient Rome meets modern-day luxury.

SAM_2994 (600 x 338).jpg

Credit: Tash Pericic

The main performance began at 8 pm in the Amphitheatre, opened by Caesar (Hartmut Lademacher) and continued with performances by local artists – Gladiators battled slaves, the winner appealing to the crowd for whether to make the final victory blow. There were ‘slave girls’, fire dancers, belly dancers, acrobatics and then finally Emperor Diocletian was presented with a brand-new BMW iPerformance car series as a futuristic gift for his birthday.

Martinis Marchi Party 2017-346-Edit (800 x 534).jpg

Credit: Mario Jelavic; Hartmut Lademacher, owner and Caesar for the night

Martinis Marchi Party 2017-380-Edit (800 x 534).jpg

Credit: Mario Jelavic; Gladiators

SAM_3042 (800 x 450).jpg

Credit: Tash Pericic

SAM_3024 (700 x 394).jpg

Credit: Tash Pericic

BMW_MM_07 (800 x 534).jpg

Credit: Jure Ravlic, Diocletian being presented with his new iPerformance BMW from Tomic & Co BMW

Then we were all summoned to the Castle gardens, for a ‘Lucullan Feast’. Before entering the Martinis garden, we first passed through gorgeous displays by Yachts Croatia, Malalan Jewelry and Rolex; there were many eager guests waiting to try on some of these famed brands.

Martinis Marchi Party 2017-119-Edit (800 x 534).jpg

Credit: Mario Jelavic

As we walked up the stairs to the garden, the air was filled with the relaxing notes of a Harp and flute, and there were blankets and pillows laid out on the lush grass area, making it feel like a luxurious picnic. The tables were laid with a banquet fit for a king, and the staff of Martinis made sure no one went thirsty – champagne and vino flowed endlessly, Dionysus himself would have looked on in envy.

SAM_3083 (600 x 338).jpg

Credit: Tash Pericic

Martinis Marchi Party 2017-497 (800 x 534).jpg

Credit: Mario Jelavic, a feast for a King

Just when I turned to my colleague Daniela Rogulj to say what an incredible evening it had been, we looked to our right, and there was a woman climbing ‘sheets’ hanging from the tallest tree in the garden – more acrobatics ensued above, then on the ground.

SAM_3111 (450 x 799).jpg

Credit: Tash Pericic

This is going to sound super-cliche, but the curation, ambiance and atmosphere of the evening made me feel like I was truly part of something special.

BMW_MM_09 (800 x 534).jpg

Credit: Jure Ravlic, lush Martinis garden setting

BMW_MM_03 (800 x 534).jpg

Credit: Jure Ravlić


After eating and drinking a couple of glasses of champagne, I could have happily drifted off to the soothing tunes of the Harp, but thankfully we were asked to proceed to Act 3 of the night – the poolside, where more surprises awaited.

Martinis Marchi Party 2017-038-Edit (800 x 449).jpg

Credit: Mario Jelavic, Martinis from above

The harps were replaced by a DJ to lift the energy, and there were various drinks and cocktail stations set up to get the party atmosphere kicked off. As we walked around the pool, we came across Marko Bilić from Cigar Club Mareva, who was lighting cigars for anyone interested. And may I add, not just lighting them, but doing it with style and flair!

BMW_MM_11 (800 x 534).jpg

Credit: Jure Ravlic; Marko Bilic from Mareva Cigar Club, Split

We moved up the stairs beside the pool, just in time for a fashion show from gorgeous Croatian designer Anamarija Asanović. I am no fashionista, but I have to say two things here – 1) I wanted to buy every single piece and 2) the models were beyond gorgeous! The collection was to die for and complemented the Martinis Marchi setting perfectly; we felt as though we could have been at the Paris Fashion Week!

Martinis Marchi Party 2017-219-Edit (800 x 534).jpg

Credit: Mario Jelavic, collection by Anamarija Asanović

BMW_MM_13 (1) (800 x 534).jpg

Credit: Jure Ravlic, Martinis Poolside Runway

Martinis Marchi Party 2017-718-Edit (600 x 853).jpg

Credit: Mario Jelavic; Anamarija Asanović with Baroness Christiane Freiin von Kentzingen

There was also royalty in attendance, the Baroness Christiane Freiin von Kentzingen, added even more class to the evening. She also paid the ultimate compliment to designer Anamarija Asanović by immediately purchasing all of the designer’s dresses, leaving Anamarija near speechless.

But, the surprises didn’t stop here, to many of the international guests’ delight, Marc Terenzi got up to do an impromptu performance.

Martinis Marchi Party 2017-737-Edit (800 x 534).jpg

And, that was the end of the organised performances, but of course, it was just the beginning of the night. The DJ kept everyone on the dance-floor, and the cocktails eventually led to many people jumping in the alluring blue water of the Martinis pool.

The only complaint I have is that the night was over far too quickly, our boat ride to Split was at 1.30 am, which is maybe a good thing… In all seriousness, it was a fabulous event; I cannot speak highly enough about it. Every detail was meticulously planned and flawlessly executed. I can’t think of another event open to the public that comes anywhere close to this. It is my genuine, personal highlight of the 2017 summer and I am already saving the date for next year.

SAM_3165 (600 x 338).jpg

Credit: Tash Pericic; Laura Viskovic (Promo Plan), Marija Gamulin (Theatrum Events), Domagoj Grgic (Martinis Marchi)

SAM_3172 (600 x 338).jpg

Credit: Tash Pericic; Ivana Kuret, Ivana Seginj, Darko Supuk (Director Yachts Croatia)

According to the organisers, this was by far their best event yet, so I can’t wait to see what they have in store for next year. Many thanks to the incredible team at Martinis Marchi and Theatrum Events for an incredible event and spectacular evening!

To read more about Martinis Marchi, you can find their official page here.


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