Poreč Secures Accommodation for Possibly Infected Tourists

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Source: Porec Tourist Board
Source: Porec Tourist Board

Source: Porec Tourist Board

July 21, 2020 – Traveling during the coronavirus pandemic represents many challenges. One of those challenges is how to take care of infected tourists. In Poreč, Istria, all tourists are provided with care in case they have symptoms of coronavirus. This challenge is overcome by securing organized accommodation for infected tourists, as well as for their families.

Information leaflets

Upon arrival at the accommodation, whether it’s a private accommodation, camp or hotel, every tourist receives a leaflet with the phone number to call in case of a suspicion of coronavirus symptoms. The leaflets are provided by Poreč Tourist Board to be as transparent as possible and to inform tourists, which they consider very important. They can also be found on the Poreč Tourist Board website.

“We are working to ensure that our guests are well informed about the situation, starting at the border crossing. Also, we want to assure them that they will have someone to take care of them and have their loved ones taken care of if anything happens when they arrive in the destination,“ says Nenad Velenik, the director of Poreč Tourist Board.

Accommodation near Poreč

All useful information can be found on the leaflet. If a tourist comes to Poreč and notices symptoms of coronavirus, he can follow the instructions explained on the leaflet and contact a doctor. The tourist is given the opportunity to be tested for coronavirus. The on-duty medical team will meet the tourist at their accommodation (so that the tourist suspecting they might be positive move around as little as possible), and they’re tested. If the guest is positive to coronavirus, he continues the treatment at the Pula General Hospital.

“The tourist’s family can then decide to wait for their return from the hospital, or returning home,“ Velenik explains.


Source: Poreč Tourist Board

If everyone in the household is negative to coronavirus, they can easily cross the border and return home. However, if they want to stay, they have a secure place near Poreč. Thus, people who have been in direct contact with infected people will be accommodated near Poreč.

Care for both tourists and renters

The recommendation of the Croatian Institute of Public Health obliges them to organize accommodation for potential patients. The Poreč Tourist Board director points out, they must „do everything in our power to make tourists feel as safe as possible and return home as happy as possible”.

Apart from tourists, the Tourist Board also takes care of accommodation renters.

“We never leave our renters aside. They always have a community that takes care of the things and, of course, we promptly report all possible changes,“ adds Velenik.

The Tourist Board must protect both themselves and their guests.

“The whole system has done a good job, which may not be seen enough, but the daily misinformation of foreign media about the security situation in Croatia is denied,” says Velenik and adds that they emphasize the fact that Istria has a low rate of illness and death.

This season has been the most demanding one in Croatian history in general, as Velenik describes it.

“I hope we will not have any sick guests at the destination which is a very good opportunity for the future. We are looking to survive this season so that we can do our best in the future to position ourselves and then begin to function normally,” concludes Velenik.


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