PCR & Croatia: Where to Test in USA, European Airport Transit Options (Updated on August 15)

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Last update on August 15, 2020 – PCR & Croatia. The test requirement no more than 48 hours before entry to Croatia on July 10 has caused much confusion. So where to get tested in the USA, and are there options to get the test in transit?

One of the most interesting aspects of TCN’s new venture into the Viber community Total Croatia Travel INFO has been the community feedback, both in terms of real-life experiences and questions on things that they do not understand. 

By providing up-to-date information on real experiences, we have been able to report on current events in real-time in a fast-changing environment. And by understanding what the areas of confusion are, we can then address those issues by providing more information. 

The current areas of confusion concern the PCR test requirement 48 hours before departure for non-EU/EEA/UK citizens and residents, and what options, if any, exist to get the test while in transit. 

Let’s start with clarifying who needs a test and what the procedures are for entering Croatia without a test, and with a test with no results back yet. 

1. Can I enter Croatia and do I need a test?

All EU/EEA/UK citizens and non-EU citizens with an EU residence permit (and members of their families, with documents which prove the kinship) can enter without restriction and NO TEST required. All other nationals can enter with proof of at least one night’s paid accommodation or business reason, as well as a PCR test not more than 48 hours old (counting from the time of taking the swab to arriving at the border crossing point), or 7-14 days self-isolation at their accommodation (one location only) on arrival. For more details read the comprehensive TCN Croatia Travel Update.

2. Does it have to be a PCR test?

Yes. However, if you arrive in Croatia with a different kind of a negative test, you will be allowed to enter and do a PCR test in Croatia after 24 hours. If that PCR test done in Croatia is also negative, your self-isolation measure will be removed. 

3. What if I cannot get the test in time before I leave?

Those whose test is older than 48 hours will be allowed to enter Croatia, but they will be issued a self-isolation order and will have to be tested again locally, at their own expense. Having an expired PCR test upon arrival will allow for a shortened period of time in self-isolation pending a negative result of a local PCR test.

Those who do not provide a negative PCR test upon arrival will be ordered to quarantine/self-isolate for at least 7 days prior to taking a local PCR test.

Croatian Border Police will provide you with contacts of an epidemiologist in charge, to whom you will send results once you receive them. The epidemiologist will then remove you from the self-isolation list, and you are free to travel. Croatian Border Police will accept your results via e-mail too, not just hardcopy. They’ll provide the exact e-mail address for you to use at a border crossing. They’ll insist on hardcopy if the test is from Serbia or Bosnia and Herzegovina because of many forgeries.

5. Can I get tested in transit at a European airport?

Testing facilities exist at several European airports, but there’s only one European airport where you don’t have to physically enter the terminal, which means entering the country. With the exception of Croatia, Americans, for example, cannot enter other EU countries. So, the option of getting a test in Europe while in transit is currently only available at the Amsterdam Schipol Airport.

There is, however, another option, an airport which has got itself VERY organised, has a global flight network, and can process 40,000 tests a day, with results emailed within 2 hours, at a cost of just $16. 


You can read more about it here.

And with Turkish Airlines connecting Croatia to the world, this may be a very smooth option, one that many have not considered. 

6. COVID-19 testing locations North America (USA & Canada)

We have had lots of requests asking where to get tested in the USA, so we thought we would try and build a database with the help of the Viber community.  We have made a start below with clinics used by members of our Viber community. Please note that while quick test results may have been possible until very recently, there are now severe backlogs in some places. You can take the test and travel, then either wait in self-isolation in Croatia until the results come through, or take another test on arrival, with results (and freedom) the next day. If you have anything to add, please email [email protected] Subject USA PCR and we will add to the list. 


A member of our Viber community informed us that the French Embassy and the consulate network in the United States have created (and keep updated) a list of testing sites in the US where it’s possible to get tested before arriving in France. Please find the website with the list here, click on your region/state on the map and look for a testing center where it’s possible to get results within 48 hours, which is what you’ll need to get approved to enter Croatia without limitations. 


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