Travel to Croatia in the Corona Era: Real-Time Feedback, September 1, 2020

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Last updated on September 1, 2020 – Nothing beats current information on travel to Croatia more than real experiences. Some feedback from recent travellers in the Total Croatia Travel INFO Viber community

Travel to Croatia is possible for non-EU citizens, but it became a lot more complicated after July 10 when new measures were introduced. PCR tests no older than 48 hours old or 14 days of self-isolation became the new normal. With the rest of the EU and Schengen closed to all but 12 non-EU countries, our Viber community was filled with panicked questions about getting a test in transit, whether or not Schengen countries would permit transit to Croatia, and 100 other questions. We answer most of the frequently asked questions in our FAQ article, click here to find the answers

But, nothing beats real-life experiences of travelers who have managed to get to Croatia. A selection of experiences from Total Croatia Travel INFO Viber community members on how they made it to Croatia. 

August 31: 

Hi! I traveled Air France through CDG last week on my way to Dubrovnik. I’m a Brazilian citizen. Everything was pretty smooth. Just had to fill in a contact trace form and had a temperature check whilst disembarking in Paris. If it weren’t for the masks I would say it looked like a (not so busy) normal day.

August 26: San Francisco – Munich – Split

We flew from SFO to Munich to Split. We left on Monday and arrived Tuesday. At SFO, they asked only for the MUP form. The airport was empty and the flight was also virtually empty. We flew Lufthansa and felt very safe with distancing and everyone wearing masks.

In Munich, the transfer was very easy. The connecting flight to Split was in the same terminal/gate area. Munich was also dead. No shops open and very few people – masks required at all times.

We landed in Split without having the results of our expedited PCR tests that we took on Monday. We did have results from the Pixel PCR test – but those were swabbed on Friday – outside of the 48-hour requirement. We presented the Pixel results to customs in Split and they accepted it. We were surprised and prepared to quarantine until our other PCR results arrived. Funny enough, those results (negative) came about 2 hours after arriving in Split.

We are now on Brač. It feels very safe. No masks outside, but required inside. Weather is beautiful- there is no better place on earth!

Hope this helps – safe travels.

August 22: 

Hi – just wanted to share my travel story after a wonderful trip to Croatia – took test at NYU received results about 36 hours later, plenty of time to show at customs. Flew through Dublin had no issues at all as I was considered a transfer flight. Only had to show negative PCR test at customs in Dubrovnik, they didn’t ask for any other documentation. All went very smooth! Dubrovnik was fantastic, waiters wearing masks, some social distancing, felt very safe! Drove from split to Dubrovnik with rental car (make sure you book in advance not many available in Dubrovnik if you are taking this route). No issues passing through Bosnian border. Split was very crowded, no precautions being taken from what I could see. Ferry from split to hvar was crowded with half people wearing masks even though you have to remain inside the ferry throughout the journey. Hvar was amazing! Waiters wearing masks, antibacterial at every restaurant, shop. Couldn’t recommend this island more. Journey from hvar to Dubrovnik was great as there is outdoor area on ferry. Flight back from Dubrovnik was a breeze with transfer in Dublin – Ryanair seemed pretty good about making sure everyone keeps mask on entire flight. Overall was a great trip!

August 20: 

Just entered Croatia in Zagreb! The border guard only asked for test. I showed him the expired result and told him I have another result from a test Friday that should arrive today. He told me to self-isolate at hotel and then call the epidemiologist (he gave me a phone no) when the result arrives to be taken off self-isolation list. FYI I received my PCR results this evening after arriving in Croatia and was taken off the self-isolation list. I called the epidemiologist as explained by the border guard. He wasn’t too familiar with the rules and at first, told me I didn’t have to self isolate before even getting my info. I explained everything again, he made a call to the public health dept (ZZJZ), and then did ask me to send the results. Sent the results and 5 mins later received an email from ZZJZ confirming I no longer need to self-isolate.

August 14: Newark – Frankfurt – Dubrovnik

I am an American who just traveled to Croatia (Dubrovnik via United and Croatia airlines) for tourism on 8/14 and would like to share my experience. The feedback on this article really made me confident about taking the trip so I would like to share.

I traveled from Newark NJ (EWR ) to Frankfurt (FRA). Originally I was supposed to connect in Paris, however, a few days before the flight I received a form that was being requested for anyone flying/transiting in Paris. The form noted that Third Country nationals cannot connect in Paris unless they are returning to the country to origin. So it is fine to connect in France when flying back to US from Croatia, but not when going to Croatia. Upon receiving this notice, I switched my flight to connect in Frankfurt, which was no problem whatsoever. Upon landing in Germany, my connecting flight was in the same terminal and I did not even go through customs.

Upon landing in Croatia I showed the custom agent a screenshot of a negative covid test (that was about 50 hours old) on my phone. She had me email the image to her and stamped me through. She hardly looked or cared about what I was showing her and did not ask for any other documentation.

Tourism in Dubrovnik is live and well, with not much social distancing. Everything is open. If you are not high risk for COVID-19, this is an amazing time to come see a must-see gem of a city! 

August 10

We are about a week since getting back to the states from our trip to Croatia. Such a huge thank you to the moderators and previous traveler updates on this board. Without all the help, I would not have been able to get engaged to my fiancé in Croatia which I had been planning for months!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you all!!!

August 5 – Minneapolis – Chicago – Frankfurt – Zagreb

Hey all – first off, THANK YOU so much for the info – it helped me so much! I am a US citizen and just arrived in Zagreb with no problems (related to me going to Croatia) – even though my test results haven’t come in yet!
I started at MSP, planning to go MSP – Washington DC – Munich – Zagreb – the gate agent asked if I knew my Munich to Zagreb flight had been cancelled – um, no! Thanks a lot, Skybooker! The lady was so awesome and worked really hard to get me on new flights through Frankfurt instead (this was with United). During this process she looked up the travel rules and confirmed that I could go to Croatia (which I knew I could but I understand her wanting to double check). I get booked on the new flights (which took almost 30 minutes – arrive early!) and then sit down only to realize my flight to DC had been delayed which would make me miss my other flights. Again, United was awesome and booked me in a flight to Chicago – the other two flights stayed the same. Gate agent in Chicago looked at my proof if accommodation and that was it.
My flight from Chicago to Frankfurt was CROWDED – no distancing! I was stuck in a middle seat in a full row but grateful to be on my way. Then Frankfurt to Zagreb was easy!
The customs agent told me to self-isolate until I get the results and gave me a list of phone numbers to call when they do to remove me from self-isolation.
So if you want to go to Croatia, give yourself extra time, bring your forms, and do it! So happy I made it.

August 1 – Seattle – Amsterdam – Zagreb – Zürich

Update on my travels…I’m a US citizen. Flew from Seattle to Zagreb (via Amsterdam) with zero issues on July 16th. Stayed in Croatia for 15 days. This morning I flew from Zagreb to Zürich and by some miracle got in! Border control asked lots of questions, wasn’t thrilled that I was American. Made a phone call and got confirmation that I was allowed to enter after being in Croatia 15 days. I was sweating. So it’s possible!
Didn’t have to have a negative test or quarantine ??

July 30 – São Paulo – Amsterdam – Split

Successfully arrived in Split!

I took the plane last night, from São Paulo-AMS-Split with KLM.
Did the PCR test the day before, at Fleury laboratory.
In the check-in, they asked me only passport and Enter Croatia form.
The flight was calm, and not crowded. I could access the WiFi during the flight, and see my negative result!
In AMS, I did not leave the transit area, so didn’t talk to anyone.
The flight to Split was totally full, and big lines at the immigration. It took me 40 minutes there.
When arrived my turn, I just had to show passport and send the test result by email.
Simple as that and now I’m free to enjoy Croatia!

July 30 – New York – Paris – Zagreb

I want to write a quick update of my boyfriend’s travel today to Zagreb from JFK. At JFK while boarding he was told that he can’t travel as an American so he pulled out all the paperwork and they didn’t even bother to look at it and just let him go through. He transited in CDG, no problem there at all. He had that transit CDG paper filled out.

He got all the paperwork ready, paid booking confirmation, etc and he did a PCR test on Monday and the negative result came in yesterday. He was ready for self-isolation and new testing in Zagreb because his test was older than 48 hours.

But the border police in Zagreb just had a quick look at the paperwork, went away for one minute, came back, and said he is good to go. They just wrote down his phone number, with no words of self-isolation or new PCR testing.

I guess it all depends on how lucky you are with the person checking your paperwork.

July 27 – Chicago – Warsaw – Zagreb

Hi Everyone, here is a quick update of our experience (myself Croatian citizen with my American family from Chicago via Warsaw to Zagreb). 

1) at check in the Lot airlines we had the most friction with the check in agent who didn’t know the laws in Croatia and almost didn’t let us board. But we had all documentation and also printed the croatian laws to prove to them ( there was still a 45 min negotiation – but we got on)

2) Lot was a great flight (do keep in mind carryon bags were 8kg (and they did weigh with some leniency – not a lot). They did not weigh our backpack.3) arrival in Warsaw – there was a relatively easy transfer through Warsaw. Many people en route to Croatia almost exited through customs (as it was slightly confusing) just make sure to not go through customs – rather straight through to the non-Schengen/Schengen transfers. You will need to go through security one more time .Overall there was a good coffee shop to sit in and enough selection for food during your transfer. Overall positive experience on the flight and transfer airport.

3) Arrival in Zagreb – easy entry. With all of the documentation at the border we were fine to enter as Croatians and Croatian family members. We did see that they enforced and requested the Covid test for all people (and those that came from 3rd party countries without the test to show were asked to go to quarantine).

Hope this helps!

July 27 – Minneapolis – Paris Dubrovnik

Flying back to Croatia was a huge risk, but one that I was willing to take as my travel was essential.

As most of you know, Europe is closed to most U.S. citizens due to Covid-19. However, Croatia DOES allow Americans to enter for business, personal reasons, or tourism with proper documentation (proof of accommodation or home ownership, business letter, etc).

You’re also allowed to TRANSIT through many places in Europe (Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, etc), as long as you don’t leave the international area.

Two caveats:

There’s a risk you can be denied boarding in the U.S., even with proper documents. Airlines are scrambling to keep up with the daily changing rules, and it’s a risk for them to allow boarding to passengers that could potentially be sent back.

Croatia also just introduced that you must enter with a negative PCR covid-19 test no older than 48 hours, or go into isolation for 2 weeks.

I was so nervous I would be denied boarding, AND was super stressed at the last minute trying to find somewhere in Minneapolis that does a 24 hour turn around time for PCR nasal swabs. (Check out valley wellness in Burnsville if you’re looking).

I luckily had no problems checking into Minneapolis, but in Boston, I had to go through an additional document check. I had to plead my case with the gate agent, and firmly explain that I was legally allowed to enter Croatia.

Unfortunately our flight was delayed two hours to Paris, so I had 15 minutes to catch my connection to Dubrovnik. I ran through the airport with all my luggage, because if I didn’t make it, I would have been stuck in the international terminal in Paris for God knows how long.

Barely anyone checked my documents in CDG.

Once landing in Dubrovnik, it took some time for them to look through my documentation and look over my negative covid-19 results, but then it was in! That was honestly the easiest part.

I definitely won’t be traveling for awhile after this entire experience, but so glad my journey ended with this view!

Here’s to hoping we can all travel safely and smoothly soon ????

July 26 – Phoenix – Chicago – Frankfurt – Dubrovnik

Hi all. Travel update. US citizen with dual citizenship ship from an EU country. Left from Phoenix and had issues with the checkin agent (not unexpected – not many ppl traveling internationally from Phx) but got around that cos we had all the right paperwork filled out to show and after a check with a supervisor we were all good – as many have said, bring your documentation and be prepared – we know more than they do right now. Not their fault. So be nice to the gate agents). I Used my Irish passport when traveling (brought my US passport for getting back into the States in return).

My wife and I went to Dubrovnik. She is a US citizen only. She travelled on her US passport. We brought our marriage cert just in case. All the info says EU citizens and family members can travel freely regardless of residence. I contacted the Croatian border police using the form provided here (actually this whole trip was planned based on all the brilliant info provided here so thank you to the moderators especially Paul for setting it up and Kresimir for his personal time answering so many questions). They said yes this was the case – EU citizens and family members are allowed enter freely regardless of where you arrive from.

No Covid test required as also mentioned on the guidelines posted here (note – we got a Covid test anyway before we went because we want to be responsible especially if Croatia are allowing us is. Also we are conscious of how bad AZ is now. We got our results before we arrived and were both negative – nextcare on Dobson in Chandler for those interested – tell the. You need the PCR. They told us it could be 7 days but we had results online within 36 hours.). So based on the above we flew from Phx to Chicago and took Lufthansa through Frankfurt to Dubrovnik. We chose Lufthansa and Frankfurt as that was touted on here as the easiest way and it is. No questions. No nothing. Just had to recheck in at Chicago to get a new boarding pass. Once we go to Dubrovnik we lined up in the EU passport line. I handed my Irish passport and my wife’s US passport over along with our marriage very and the border control form that we had filled online prior to traveling (also recommended on here multiple times).

The border guard stamped my wife’s passport and handed our docs back and said ‘have fun guys’ and off we went. No test results or questions asked. So when it says EU citizens and their family members can enter without a test – they mean it. Just travel on your EU passport to be sure. Thanks to al. Safe travels. Jet lagged this morning but looking at heaven on earth over Dubrovnik castle walls and feeling very very fortunate to have Croatia and it’s people on our lives. Good luck to all. Hope the Info helps somebody.

July 23 – USA – Munich – Croatia

I flew through Munich July 1 (sfo Munich Zagreb) No issues. The international area is very large, and with few people we were always by ourselves. Obviously we didn’t have to go through passport control. There was even a Lufthansa lounge open. Nice big windows and a thunderstorm moved through, it was quite beautiful…

July 23,  – JFK – Paris – Croatia

Just an update for anyone flying Delta operated by Air France via JFK:

We were able to check in fine with the delta app with boarding pass however security required us to to go Air France check in and show documents. I pulled out my binder with anything they could ask for (I’m in clinical research so I believe that over documentation is normal documentation) and she didn’t even look through it. They did require us to fill out an international travel certificate and statement of Covid absence form. Didn’t take more than 10 minutes and with the minimal travel at JFK it was nothing but a hiccup but if it were busy at security it would have caused quite a mess. Just an FYI!

July 23 – UK – Split – Brac

I have been asking a few questions over last few weeks . Thought I would share how it went well getting to Milna Brac from Uk during pandemic . We had to wear face masks in the airport and did wear it on shuttle bus to downtown . We arrived early – flight arrived 20 mins earlier than scheduled and downtown took about 45 mins with no huge traffic until nearer Split . The Jadrolinija ferry was busy and people weren’t asked to wear face masks. Car hire at Supetar worked fine and now relaxing in Milna with lovely view . ( see photo ) Have to wear mask in food shops but others don’t enforce it regards Helen

July 23

Successful entry and release from quarantine: my husband arrived on 22nd in Split, had the test on 21st but no results yet. Was told to quarantine and we were given all epidemiologists numbers. the test results arrived today, 23rd, epidemiologists for Splitsko-dalmatinska picked up first time we rang, gave us email address to forward results to, and said that’s it!

July 23 – New York – Croatia

I successfully arrived in Croatia and received entry. I traveled from NYC on my US passport. I provided my negative PCR test NYU Langone. They made a copy and briefly checked over my reservation and entry form.

It went through very smoothly.

July 19 – Minneapolis – Boston – Paris – Dubrovnik

I arrived successfully to Dubrovnik from the USA as a tourist! My experience was a bit bumpy but not impossible.

Flew delta/Air France from Minneapolis-Boston-CDG (Paris)- Dubrovnik

I took a PCR test at a place called valley wellness in the twin cities and had results 24 hours later, before my flight out.

In Minneapolis check in was simple: I showed the MUP printout confirmation and transit form for CDG. He did ask me about return ticket but I just said I don’t have it yet since I want to avoid cancellation too far in advance.

In Boston I had to go out and recheck in through another terminal. Air France did a document check and gate agent really had no idea what was going on. She asked for a government ID for destination country. I told her I didn’t need it. She wasn’t buying the MUP form that Croatia sends out, but she was more convinced by the email they sent it to me with. Good to have any additional docs that show government giving you permission, like email. Flight was completely empty.

Unfortunately flight was delayed 1.5 hours so I was sprinting through CDG to try to catch my flight. There was no additional document screening in Paris and I made it onto the flight at the last minute. Flight was pretty packed.

In Dubrovnik, I handed my MUP enter Croatia form, accommodation confirmation, and asked if I could email them my results. They said yes, it took a few minutes, and I was in.

Air France did lose my bag because of the tight connection I almost missed in Paris. The bag will come tomorrow. At least I don’t have to quarantine!

July 18

Success story: I got my negative result by email right as I walked up to passport control, he had me email him the PDF, I got in. Zagreb here we come!

July 18, Newark – Amsterdam – Zagreb

Another success story: I flew in from Newark to Zagreb via AMS on Tuesday, check-in desk called and asked about entry rules for Croatia. Was asked for my entry reason letter (business) at both gates. First leg was virtually empty (maybe 30 people total on a Dreamliner), second leg was full, but everyone was masked up. Entry to Zagreb no problem. I’m working from quarantine, looking to get a PCR test inside of the 7-day period, but not sure how to go about it. Does anyone know if you can just roll up to a testing center?

July 18 – Evansville – Atlanta – Paris – Dubrovnik

I feel compelled to post my success story since this group helped me so much. I am a USA citizen with zero family ties or property in Croatia. Please read and abide by all rules I did. I want this to benefit you while slowing the spread of covid19. I left Evansville yesterday and when they scanned my passport it said “conditional” which meant they would check my pcr test and enter Croatia form on arrival. I checked my bag all the way to Dubrovnik from there. I then flew to Atlanta, Paris and finally Dubrovnik. I was momentarily held in Atlanta bc the flight attendant thought I needed a Croatian visa(you don’t need one as a USA citizen), but was let on the plane after about 5 seconds followed by a temperature check. In paris they actually let me outside and I had to come back in through security. I was surprised by this bc I thought security would have been tighter for me. In Croatia, they didn’t even ask for proof of accommodation or enter Croatia form, but please make sure you print out the COVID test if you can. I was held up for a few extra minutes because I had to email them a screen shot. Hope this helps and please respect all mask wearing and social distancing rules! We can return to a somewhat normal life if we are smart about it!

July 18, JFK – Paris – Zagreb

My travel experience. (I am a US citizen traveling for tourist purposes).

Departing from JFK: The gate agent at JFK did not know entry regulations and was attempting to deny all US tourists entry onto the plane, until I showed her the “rules” on embassy site. She kept saying “it’s up to my boss”, and finally “boss” came and said we were all okay to board. I suggest educating yourself on entry regulations in case you get someone who does not know.

Plane was 75% empty. We each had our own row to lay down in like a bed. Delta definitely respecting social distancing protocols. Felt very safe.

Arriving in and departing from CDG: Not one person even spoke to us upon arrival or departure from Paris. Transiting through there was as easy as could be. Health Declaration was not asked for.

Plane packed. AirFrance not respecting social distancing protocols. They made us wear their masks, not our own – and they were shitty. I explained mine was better but they didn’t care. Had to be theirs.

Arriving in Zagreb: Border Patrol agent first asked where I was staying. I said “numerous places, road trip, etc.”, he said “I just need the first one”. I showed him Booking confirmation on my phone. He then said “you know you have to quarantine?” I told him that I had negative test results. Showed him. He took them away, with passports (I assume to make copies). He came back and said “enjoy Croatia”.

That’s it. Couldn’t have been more simple.
1. know the entry regulations
2. have test (if possible)
3. have an accommodation

Good luck everyone!

July 17, Spain – Split

Good morning everybody,

Herewith a report of our trip: maybe it is helpful to somebody…

My husband & I are Belgian nationals, permanent residents in Spain, owners of a small motorboat with Croatian registry: you will note that all of the above is within the European Union.

We flew into Split. Before starting our trip (at home), we looked up all requirements and had the paperwork ready before boarding the flight.

We carried the following:

1. A filled in form from the WHO allowing contact tracing

2. A proof of online “entry registry” from the Croatian government, so that police know how to contact us.

3. Proof of ownership of a boat in Croatia (in our case Croatian registry)

4. Copy of marina contract in Croatia.

On the last flight (into Split), the cabin crew were handing our blank forms from WHO to all passengers to be filled in. We had ours ready! Before landing in Split, they collected all forms and handed them over to border police.

We were then allowed to disembark, and presented ourselves to EU passport control with the “proof of registry”. The police officer said he did not need the proof because he had all our data in his computer and even confirmed which marina we were going to.

Within minutes we were outside! Everything ran extremely smoothly and we were happy to come prepared.

PS: We had our face mask on during the whole trip, kept social distance & frequently disinfected our hands.

The evening of our arrival, we each received a text message on our phones in which the Croatian police informs us that they have our contact details!



July 17, Belgrade – Croatia

Just want to say this in English too. I arrived to Croatia today from Belgrade, with my husband who is Swedish. I am Serb with permanent Swedish residence. We entered Croatia without problems or requirements for PCR test or isolation.

July 17, Seattle – Amsterdam – Zagreb

Hi everyone! VERY IMPORTANT I share my incredible experience. I’m a US citizen. Flew yesterday Seattle-Amsterdam-Zagreb. I was so nervous about anything going wrong. I had all documentation printed with me(hotel, entry form, etc.). Zero problems! I got to Croatian passport control after landing. Gave lady my passport, and she only asked what my travel purpose was(tourism), and if I had my Covid test results. I had 2 things with me: 1) a 1-day old negative rapid viral swab test, and 2)just a confirmation of my NAA viral test that was still pending results (in Oregon I was only able to do an NAA test which is exact method as PCR, and I had proof of that from LabCorp). She said ok, made copies of those 2 documents. Didn’t ask to see anything else (no accommodation proof, no entry form, nothing else). Just said…”ok you’re good to go, enjoy your time here!” I was literally sweating expecting quarantine or something. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Maybe it would have been the opposite with a different MUP police officer. It was just meant to be that I get to enjoy 2 weeks in Croatia! Definitely not taking it for granted! Hopefully peace of mind with anyone in same situation. Enjoying my evening in Zagreb now?

July 17, Newark – Copernhagen – Split

Hello All , my USA fiancee arrived today in Split…all the stars aligned in the full experience ( SAs Newark, Copenhagen, split) went very smooth. (I am a dual citizen and arrived a month ago) … I will share a few highlights in case it may help NonEu travelers —

1: – prepare – bring documentation organized – so you can confidently say you have the documentation necessary to enter Croatia ( Each case is a little different there’s plenty of information available about the types of and documentation that is helpful such as property ownership marriage licenses , Paid accommodations, Covid tests etc.

2 – Def do the Entercroatia form , It appears that when you give your passport at the Criatua border all that information pops up on the computer

3- after scrambling around trying to gets covid test, my fiancé called his regular general doctor and requested the PCR test on Wednesday in New Jersey. They told him that it typically takes 2 to 5 days to Receive results because they send it out to the laboratory. He received the documentation that he had taken the test. They told him he would they would try to expedite) the following day which is Thursday (yesterday) he was traveling and departing Newark.. .While at the airport he received notice that he was negative. He did a screenshot of the test results.

4- when he arrived in split the border police asked him to confirm where he was staying. They also asked him whether he had taken the test. He confirmed yes. They asked him if he received the results yet. He replied yes and he showed them his phone. They then asked him to send it to them via email it then on the spot.

5 – As we were contingency planning my friend here in Croatia identified options to take the test locally , they also said it takes typically 2 to 5 days and you need to pay in advance in order to get scheduled but that is always that option. I think it works out much better if you can get the test taken and results back real time but there’s always an option to get tested in country.
Happy summer everyone do you have any questions just let me know. K

July 17 – San Francisco – Chicago – Zagreb

Upon arrival in Chicago from San Francisco, Lufthansa took a closer look at our documentation. My Croatian wife supplied a photocopy of her Birth certificate.

In Zagreb they stamped her Domovnica copy and recorded that along with her United States passport. I was admitted with a photocopy of our American marriage license.

We’re on the A3 autoputa on way to Slavonija.

It worked and thanks for this wonderful group.

July 17 – Chicago – Vienna – Split

Hi! Just letting everyone know my cousin and aunt arrived yesterday (July 16) from Chicago! Chicago – Vienna-Split. Originally booked on Lufthansa but they cancelled their flight and rebooked them on Austria airlines. At Chicago they asked no questions and didn’t request any paperwork. They already saw the MUP form in the system somehow. No questions at Vienna nor at Split. Said everything went smoothly as if nothing was going on. They did covid test in Chicago and will self isolate for a few days while they await test results and forward in to MUP.

July 16

Just entered dubrovnik airport on new zealand passport with a 2 year residence permit for UK. No questions, not even a word ? (as the admins of this group said so) thanks for all the help and advice

July 14, Barcelona – Split

Hi everyone. I’m American and living and working in Spain for 3 years with a work visa. I entered split today from Barcelona and had no issues and I had no test and no quarantine needed. I showed my American passport and residence card in Spain and said I am an American citizen and living and working in Spain. The only thing officer asked me was to take off my mask so she could see my face ?. Hope it helps.

July 14 – Ukraine – Split

People, just stay cool when you come over here and the border controller will be nice to you as well.

My girlfriend arrived yesterday (at Dubrovnik airport flying from Belgrade) and she has Ukrainian passport. Normally automatic 14 days self isolation. She said (at the border control) “my husband is Czech” and the border controller asked me to come over to the security area, she checked all the reservation papers and put “visiting EU citizen/ daily reunion” (for her) in the system and NO quarantine!!! Croats are VERY commercial and need tourists. They don’t want to spoil anyone’s holidays

So again, stay cool and all of you with no EU passports will get in without being forced to quarantine.

July 14, Orlando – Amsterdam – Split

Greetings from Split! Yes, I’m an American who successfully arrived into Croatia today. While the USA may be my homeland, Croatia is my heartland—so I am deeply relieved and still a bit stunned to finally be back. Here’s what happened:

Route was ORD-AMS-SPU on KLM. That airline deserves 11 stars for exceptional customer service on the ground and in the air!

At O’Hare, I had all my docs in order in a sunshine-bright yellow folder, secured with a yellow binder clip with a smiley face. Yes, adding some brightness to the airline agent’s day was part of my strategy to make this work! Our conversation went like this…Him: Do you have a Croatian passport? Me: No, I have a US passport, along with all the necessary documentation to show that

I am legally allowed entry into Croatia. Him: Great! Let’s have a look. Me (flipping through each page): Here is the Enter Croatia Registration confirmation, negative PCR test result, and proof of 2 paid accommodations. That’s all I need to enter the country, but I have plenty more backup documentation if you’d like to see it. Him: Wow! You are very organized. Me: Yup. Him: Then you are all set to go! That literally took one minute—no checking/reading anything in detail.

The airport was wonderfully empty—no lines anywhere, and sanitization everywhere. The flight to AMS was one of the best I’ve ever had. After all the stress and last-minute scrambling, I decided to upgrade to Economy Comfort, and it was the best possible decision—an entire comfort row to myself, and very few people in that section at all.

The only thing I had to do at AMS airport—aside from walk from one gate to the next—was stop and enjoy an espresso. No transfer desk, nothing—just like any typical non-international layover.

The flight to Split was pretty full, but thankfully short. Border control did ask for the test result and checked to see that it was PCR and within the proper time frame. They did not care to see my accom receipts. It seemed obvious that there’s still plenty of confusion, as a lot of the agents were asking one another questions and helping one another clarify situations. That was that—and now I am sipping a lovely Plavac Mali and finally relaxing! Can’t even begin to express my gratitude to the moderators of this group for your diligence in keeping us all informed during these ever-changing times! Good luck to everyone else. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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