Youth Prints Fake Money, Splashes Out on Food and Drink!

Lauren Simmonds

When the economic situation isn’t going your way, is there a way to redirect it? Maybe. Until you’re caught.

Using the cover of darkness, one ”innovative” youth used scanned and printed money to spend at festivals and other public gatherings, as well as in grocery stores and in restaurants.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 29th of September, 2018, a criminal report was filed against a youth from Medjimurje who forged money. The bold citizen printed fake bank notes out on plain white paper and then managed to put them into circulation without facing any major problems, RTL writes.

He spent the ”cash” on food and drinks and at public gatherings, as well as in restaurants and shops. He forged the 12 banknotes in the amounts of 50 and 200 kuna, and this is not an isolated case, this year, the number of forged kuna, as well as the number of forged euro banknotes has drastically increased compared to the same period last year.

Using a computer and simply scanning the original banknotes on plain white paper, this arguably industrious youth managed to forge about 1,650 kuna.

“He produced at least seven banknotes in the same 200-digit denominations, and five banknotes in 50-denominations of the same serial number,” the police statement claims. As the fake notes eventually ended up in the hands of regular people, the police eventually found out.

The number of counterfeit banknotes is growing, and according to advice, it’s necessary to exercise proper caution by examining the serial numbers on the notes upon receipt.

In the first eight months of 2018, there were 383 recorded fake kuna banknotes in Croatia. The most commonly counterfeited banknotes were 200 kuna, of which 207 were in circulation, followed by banknotes of 500 kuna, with 134 in circulation. The number of counterfeit euros has also risen by more than 400 percent, with 1,280 fake euro banknotes found to be in circulation so far. As yet, the perfect forgery does not exist, but, much to the dismay of the forgers, even the most professional ones – there are perfect devices for detecting fake cash.

“These devices are used at bank counters, and the larger versions of such devices are used in vaults, in cash centres, and in other [similar] institutions,” explained Zoran Husnjak, the executive director of a banking equipment sales company.


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