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More Than Half of Croatians Drink Liquors, Liqueurs and Brandy Most Popular

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The survey shows that 56% of those polled drink spirits while 44% do not. As for the frequency of consumption, ...

Alcohol and Tobacco Prices Have Risen by More Than 100% in Last 20 Years

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While the price of alcohol and cigarettes have shot up, costs relating to the healthcare service have increased alongside them.

Success! Dalmatian Gin Listed Among Best in World

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Dalmatian gin rises in popularity.

Poreč’s Bura Beer Targets Germany

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As Croatia’s craft beer revoluton continues, one Poreč brewery is doing exceptionally well out of it.

Kujundžić Reveals Plan: Tax Increases on Cigarettes, Alcohol and More

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The Health Minister has revealed that until further notice, additional health insurance will not be touched.

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Croatia in the World’s Top 5 for Alcohol Consumption

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The Portal Daily Viz, with the help of data from the World Health Organization, created a map which is solely ...