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A New Chapter for Health Tourism in Dalmatia as Bagatin Clinic Opens in Split

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 February 22, 2019 – An important new chapter in Croatia’s emerging medical tourism story, as Bagatin Clinic, one of the ...

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Zagreb, the Health Tourism Destination: Meet the Clinics – 1. Bagatin

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February 13, 2019 – As Zagreb makes a concerted effort to promote its considerable medical tourism potential, a look at ...

Bagatin Clinic is Open for Business in Split!

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January 21, 2019 – We’re starting the new year with some big news – and we think you’ll like it. Remember ...

Medical Tourism Ambassadors Bagatin Clinic to Open Doors in Split

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The City of Split and all of Dalmatia will receive a major boost in quality health tourism as the Bagatin Clinic ...


Croatian Medical Tourism Meets Ilan Geva Branding Experience at Bagatin

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November 6, 2018 – These are exciting times for the Croatian medical tourism industry, and while there seems to be ...


Ilan Geva Helping Croatian Health Tourism: Bagatin Workshop, Crikvenica Conference

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October 29, 2018 – The Croatian medical tourism story continues with one of the leading global health travel experts Ilan ...


Why Zagreb is a Top Dental Tourism Destination: Mirna Munitić, DMD, Specialist in Prosthodontics

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October 20, 2018 – Croatia’s medical tourism industry is making inroads into the global market, a winning mix of excellent ...

“If Croatia Puts Aside Politics and Ego, It Will Speed Up Its Growth”

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Ognjen Bagatin on how to stop the emigration and bring diaspora back to the homeland.


5 Cool Croatian 2018 Achievements So Far, And It is Only April!

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April 25, 2018 – Best known perhaps as one of Europe’s top tourism destinations, Croatia is punching above its weight ...


Bagatin Named Best Dermatology Clinic in Europe 2018, 3 of Top 6 from Zagreb, Croatia

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April 7, 2018 – A huge boost for Croatia’s emerging health tourism industry as three Zagreb clinics take first, third ...