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Five Croatian Craft Breweries Making a Splash

Lauren Simmonds

October the 23rd, 2023 – Croatia has several old brands when it comes to the beer scene, but what about ...

Croatian Festival Organisers from Ontodei Turn to Beer Business

Lauren Simmonds

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, Croatian festival organisers have had an enormous amount of time to twiddle their thumbs and ...

New Medvedgrad Brewery to Open its Doors to Public Next Weekend

Lauren Simmonds

With dedication and commitment to quality and the improvement of every step of production, the Medvedgrad brewery is continuing to ...

Carlsberg Croatia Signs Cooperation Agreement with Croatian University

Lauren Simmonds

An unusual but excellent agreement on cooperation signed between one Croatian university and Carlsberg Croatia is set to bring students ...

Carlsberg Plans to Release New Packaging, Date for Croatian Market Unknown

Lauren Simmonds

More stringent rules across the European Union’s single market have given rise to new things.

Croatia’s ”Fifth Element” Craft Beer Goes from Strength to Strength

Lauren Simmonds

”We want to position ourselves as a company that produces quality handmade beer in a real craft fashion,” says director ...

Croatian Beer Market Still Feeling Effects Of World Cup High

Lauren Simmonds

Croats are turning more and more towards craft beer, and this summer many craft beer bars had TV’s showing the ...

Zagreb Brewery Presents New Beer Oriented Tourist Attraction

Lauren Simmonds

With the craft beer craze continuing to take the country by storm, have you ever wondered about Zagreb’s beer brewing ...

Beer Prices in Croatia 2018: A Cost-Conscious, Inebriated Guide To Getting Hammered

Total Croatia News

Now listen, listenlistenlisten! This article required careful [hiccup] painstaking research. Ey, brnterndner! Gimme ‘nother to keep me company while I ...

Solar Energy to Produce Beer in Karlovac

Lauren Simmonds

Heineken has set up a solar power plant in Karlovac which will produce 395,000 kWh per year.

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