Bench of the Week: Kiss, Please

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How to lure people to The Bench and how to turn them away. 

Bench of the Week: Love on the Waterfront in Rijeka

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This week in The Bench series… a slightly different scene.


Bench of the Week: 100 Years Ago in Trogir…

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A bit of time travel for this week’s instalment of The Bench series. 


Bench of the Week: Four Gents of Sali Town

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We’ve seen plenty of great benches this summer, along with some cool projects like the one with mosaic benches on ...


Zlarin Island, Where Locals Build Their Own Benches

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Man, the islands really do have the strongest bench game out there.


Bench of the Week: Impromptu Bar on Žirje Island

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With this week’s feature on The Bench, an unofficial thesis seems to be forming: the best examples of The Bench ...

Bench of the Week: Pillar of Shame in Hvar Town

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We’re off to another week of our Bench Chronicles, and this time we’re heading to Hvar island

bench cres2

Bench of the Week: Cres Island

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We’ve been fascinated by the Croatian cultural phenomenon called The Bench for so long, we decided it was time to ...