The Two Types of Brit in Croatia: Pre and Post Brexit

Lauren Simmonds

Split almost entirely down the middle, the vote to leave the EU came as an enormous European and global shock, ...

Croatian ID Cards No Longer Accepted for Entry to UK

Total Croatia News

From the British Embassy in Zagreb: Have you travelled to the UK using your Croatian/EU ID card? Entry requirements have changed! ...

Resident Brits in Croatia: Wrongly Stamped Passport Won’t Affect Rights

Lauren Simmonds

Brexit has been done and dusted, and while there are still growing pains, the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic has overshadowed ...

Brits Living in Croatia Have Until June 30 to Register for New Status

Lauren Simmonds

The UK’s Withdrawal Agreement with the European Union guarantees the rights of EU citizens living in the UK and of ...

Brexit Brits in Croatia: How to Register Residence Under Article 75

Lauren Simmonds

I have been covering residence rights, citizenship and all things Brexit for a while now, and with a number of ...

British Embassy Zagreb/UK in Croatia

Brexit Brits in Croatia: Withdrawal Agreement Residence Explainer

Lauren Simmonds

December the 14th, 2020 – A clear and concise guide for Brexit Brits in Croatia wanting to make sure they ...


Croatia EU Ambassador: ‘Good Riddance’ UK Becomes English School Billboard

Total Croatia News

“Good Riddance, UK!” After Irena Andrassy, Croatian ambassador to the EU, delivered her side-splitting parting statement to the UK; one ...

Brits in Croatia: How Croatia Will Protect Your Rights, Deal or No Deal

Lauren Simmonds

December the 16th, 2019 – Here is the lowdown on how Croatia will protect its British residents, deal or no deal. ...

Brexit Brits in Croatia: Outreach Meeting in Zagreb Scheduled Tomorrow

Lauren Simmonds

September the 30th, 2019 – As the majority of you will know, I’ve been writing articles to try to keep ...

Brexit: £3 Million Grant to Help UK Nationals With EU Residence Forms

Lauren Simmonds

August the 30th, 2019 – The Brexit process is still ongoing, and with backlash directed towards British PM Boris Johnson ...

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