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Sljeme Cable Car System Approved By Public Health Inspectors

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The cable car system was to have been opened in the first half of 2021, but the licence was denied ...

A Tale of Concessions and Politics – Dubrovnik’s Cable Car Closes

Lauren Simmonds

If there’s one thing Dubrovnik is good at, other than walls, history, and all the rest of it, it’s getting ...

Could Dubrovnik’s Beloved Srđ Cable Car Face Closure?

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The Pearl of the Adriatic is known for its wealth of natural beauty in addition to its rich list of ...

Učka Cable Car to Be Longest in Europe?

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In the presence of the County Prefect Zlatko Komadina, the headquarters of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County hosted the signing ceremony for ...

Milan Bandić Opens Works on Sljeme Cable Car, Explains Huge Expense

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After years of back and forth (literally) on Sljeme’s cable car, Zagreb mayor Milan Bandić has ceremonially opened the works ...

Company to Build Zagreb’s Sljeme Cable Car Chosen

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Zagreb’s Sljeme mountain is a popular destination for many from the city when needing to take a break from the ...

100 Year Old Idea to Become Reality? Učka Cable Car Would Connect Sea and Mountains

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The beginning of the Učka 360-degree project is the construction of a cable car.

Franković Requests Inspection of ”Illegal” Cable Car Operation, Notifies DORH

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Dubrovnik’s Mayor has issued Excelsa Nekretnine with a firm ultimatum.

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Old Cableway Vs. New Cableway

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Even though the cableway hasn’t been around for ten years now, most Zagreb residents think back to it with nostalgia ...

Cheaper Cable Car Tickets for Dubrovnik Residents

Lauren Simmonds

Cable car prices for residents of Dubrovnik are set to fall.

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