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HRK 3.5m Set Aside for Croatian Diaspora Projects For This Year

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Grants will be awarded based on a tender issued by the Central State Office for Croats Abroad. Applications are accepted ...

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Croatian Language Scholarship: Ten Things You Need to Know Before Arriving

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On May 14th of this year, the Central State Office for Croats outside the Republic of Croatia announced the call ...


Round Table on Vojvodina Croats Held in Osijek

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The fact that the Croats in Serbia are still excluded from decision-making processes raises a number of concerns because they ...


Applicants From 16 Countries Shortlisted For Croatian Language Scholarship

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A total of 340 applications were received with 255 being eligible. Most of the applications received were from South American countries ...


Zvonko Milas Meets Ethnic Croat Reps and Local Leaders in Tivat, Kotor

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“Relations with the Croat community in Tivat are open, honest, and are constantly progressing. The fact that the Croatian Civic Initiative ...

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Zvonko Milas: “Serbian Croats Receiving More and More Threats”

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In the wake of the discussions about that wrong and shameful decision by the Subotica City Council, which were also soon ...