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Zagreb Summer Today Has 45 More Days Than During 1960s

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Over recent years, the Croatian capital’s rising popularity with visitors has made it the fastest-growing tourist destination in the country. ...

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Milanovic: Croatia Must be Country with Great Climate Ambitions

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ZAGREB, Dec 12, 2020 – Although it is a small country, Croatia must be a country with great climate ambitions, President ...


Trogir Flooded Twice in 2019: Seaboard Repairs Not Enough

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In ten days, repairs will begin on a damaged section of the Čiovo seaboard in Trogir. Therefore, Čiovo residents will ...

Climate Change Could Seriously Damage These Croatian Cities

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Climate change has become an all to familiar topic over the last few years, with many naysayers and those who ...

Varaždin Joins Climathon, 24-hour Hackathon Dedicated to Solving Climate Challenges

Daniela Rogulj

Because the negative impact of climate change today is visible to everyone, Varaždin has decided to participate in the city’s ...