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Croatian Artist Alfred Krupa Receives Karlovac City Award

Srecko Mavrek

July the 22nd, 2023 – On the 13th of July this year, Alfred Freddy Krupa, an award-winning academic painter and ...

Photo: Grgo Jelavic/PIXSELL

Croatian Singer Ines Trickovic Will Hold Voice Workshop in California

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Julia Quena Kavi, a famous holistic life coach presents “Take control of your voice to take control of your life” ...

Maksimilijan Vanka Gallery to Reopen in the Artist’s Villa in Korčula

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As announced by Korčula Mayor Nika Silić Maroević, the lovely villa in Korčula town that was once owned by Croatian ...

Rising Star: TCN Meets Croatia’s Eurovision 2022 Candidate Mia Dimšić

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With Eurovision 2022 fast approaching, there’s a lot to be excited about. After winning the Dora song contest with her ...

Banner: House for People and Art Lauba

Tara Stanić Will Exhibit Her Artwork at the Lauba Gallery on February 10th

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The exhibition cycle “Send on” of the House for People and Art Lauba, in which young authors have the opportunity ...

‘Your Fan, Nikola Tesla’: When the Great Inventor Met Ivan Meštrović

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Ivan Meštrović, a master sculptor and one of the most renowned Croatian artists of all time, died on this day ...

© Galerija Klovićevi dvori

Tisja Kljaković Braić Exhibition: Monument to a Living Person in Zagreb

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The beautiful seventeenth-century building of Klovićevi Dvori in Zagreb’s Upper Town (Gornji grad) is a piece of art itself. However, ...

© MSU Zagreb

Sisak Earthquake Photo Exhibition: Between Two Waitings by Miroslav Arbutina Arba

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The 6.3 magnitude earthquake on December 29 that severely damaged Petrinja and Sisak has traces which haven’t faded as repairs and ...

© Jahvo Joža

Močvara Handcraft Fair: Local Artists Showcasing DIY Work

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Močvara nightclub in Zagreb, right on the Sava embankment (with Trnjanski Nasip bb being the address) is known for decades ...

© Jasmina Krajačić

Jasmina Krajačić Closeups Exhibition: Questioning Consumerism Through Pop Art Portraits

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Pop Art playfulness filled with colours and details is a recognisable signature of Jasmina Krajačić. This Zagreb-based artist was born ...

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