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Croatian-African Relationships: Is She/He at Least Ours?

Krešimir Raguž

September 10, 2023 – Continuing our look at the realities of life of a Croatian-African family now in Zagreb, the ...

Foreigner Opening Business Bank Account in Croatia: Ajme!

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Not all heroes wear capes… Over the years, I have learned that in Croatia, there is good bureaucracy and there ...

How to Beat Croatian Bureaucracy: Proven Method

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Croatian bureaucracy is legendary, but can it be beaten? There are various ways to approach it, including the right mindset, ...


Croatian Bureaucracy – A Love Affair: Mission Prison Impossible, the Review

Katarina Anđelković

As Jutarnji writes, Ines was supposed to go to prison because she had accumulated fines for driving without a driver’s license. ...

Image: Pexels

Croatian Bureaucracy for Non-EU Nationals: 5 Things I Wish I’d Known

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Croatian bureaucracy is notorious for being a frustrating, anxiety-riddled process, where your confidence from reading countless “how-to” guides evaporates the ...

Image: Pixabay

Retiring in Croatia as a Non-EU National: Navigating Bureaucracy

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In this article, I briefly walk you through the different types of long-term permits the Croatian government currently offers and ...

Dusko Jaramaz/PIXSELL

A Guide to Dealing with Croatian Bureaucracy: Renewing Documents

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Have you personally struggled to find information online when it comes to renewing your documents in Croatia? I’ve spent days ...

Nanobit Founder Alan Sumina Disgusted by Croatian Bureaucracy

Lauren Simmonds

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, Nanobit founder Alan Sumina has commented on the slowness of Croatian bureaucracy and a system which ...

Croatian Bureaucracy in Action: The Pain Required to Pay 1 Kuna

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I have a very serious suggestion – an application should be made for Croatian bureaucracy to be given intangible UNESCO ...

Does Varazdin Have Excellent Customer Service, or Am I Just Lucky?

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Yet another efficient day (at least within the confines of what constitutes efficiency in the Croatian context) on April 3, ...