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Zagreb Subversive Festival 2021: Progressive Films and Discussions in October

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After the iconic Kino Europa (Europa Cinema) in Zagreb’s centre closed down (despite huge support for it to remain, as ...

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Honouring Ban Jelačić: Jelačić’s Days in Zaprešić Coming in October

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Back during the times of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, the title of ”Ban” was a noble title appointed by the monarch, ...


2021 European Languages Day: Varaždin Celebrates German Language Learning

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‘Gore gore gore gore’ (hills burn worse up there) is one of those sentences that show how weird but cool ...

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Iron Age Danube Route Magazine: The First Issue Available For Free Reading

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With the Iron Age Danube Route getting recognition as a cultural route by the European Council earlier in 2021, the ...

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Sisak Earthquake Photo Exhibition: Between Two Waitings by Miroslav Arbutina Arba

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The 6.3 magnitude earthquake on December 29 that severely damaged Petrinja and Sisak has traces which haven’t faded as repairs and ...

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Dubrovnik-Bulgaria Connection: Scientific View on Art and History Ties

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Connections between Dubrovnik and Bulgaria date back to as early as the 13th century. These connections weren’t just in a ...

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Močvara Handcraft Fair: Local Artists Showcasing DIY Work

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Močvara nightclub in Zagreb, right on the Sava embankment (with Trnjanski Nasip bb being the address) is known for decades ...

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Zagreb Design Week 2021: Resilience Towards All Challenges

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From Austrian architecture in the center, 20th century hard but beautiful brutalist buildings, and modern contemporary buildings from the beginning ...

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Jasmina Krajačić Closeups Exhibition: Questioning Consumerism Through Pop Art Portraits

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Pop Art playfulness filled with colours and details is a recognisable signature of Jasmina Krajačić. This Zagreb-based artist was born ...


Ministry of Culture Shortlisted For World Literacy Awards

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The World Literacy Awards are annual recognitions given to valuable initiatives around the world that promote literacy and education, the ministry ...