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Dario Jurican’s New ‘Let’s Steal’ Series Now with English Subtitles: 1. Bundekfest

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 April 22, 2020 – Former Croatian presidential candidate and acclaimed documentary maker Dario Jurican is back! Bundekfest, Part 1 of ...

Let’s Steal: Dario Jurican Drops New Video Series Looking into Croatian Corruption

Daniela Rogulj

April 8, 2020 – Every two weeks, Dario Jurican will teach us the tricks of stealing in Croatia in his new ...

He’s Back! Dario Jurican aka Milan Bandic New Show: Lets Go Stealing

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April 6, 2020 – He was the star of the recent Croatian Presidential campaign, and now erstwhile presidential candidate and ...


Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic Protest ‘Enough’ Draws 20,000: Stops Traffic

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Around 20,000 citizens protested in Trg bana Jelačića against Zagreb Mayor and USKOK indictee Milan Bandić and demanded his permanent ...


Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic Divorced Wife To Acquire Cheap Apartment

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Did Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić and his wife Vesna go through a marital rough patch 24 years ago? According to ...

Who Are You Lying to, Bero? Dario Jurican Sends Letter to Davor Bernardic

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“I’m a little confused here now, my Bero. Zoran Milanovic, president-elect, says Advent is ”pure corruption” and yet your good ...


Dario Jurican & Zagreb Corruption: Living the Croatian Style of Life

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January 9, 2020 – Former Croatian presidential candidate Dario Jurican, aka Milan Bandic, takes his campaign against corruption in Zagreb ...

Juričan Continues His Campaign to Highlight Problem of Corruption

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ZAGREB, January 9, 2020 – Film director Dario Juričan, who ran in the recent presidential election under the slogan “Corruption ...

‘The Boss’: After Agrokor Arrests, Everyone Suddenly Crazy About Controversial Film

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After the latest developments in the Agrokor case, major Croatian TV networks started fighting for broadcasting rights to a documentary ...