Who Are You Lying to, Bero? Dario Jurican Sends Letter to Davor Bernardic

Lauren Simmonds

“I’m a little confused here now, my Bero. Zoran Milanovic, president-elect, says Advent is ”pure corruption” and yet your good friend Bastalec also held a sausage-cottage in the western part of Ban Jelacic square…” writes Dario Jurican.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 10th of January, 2020, Dario Jurican, a filmmaker and candidate in the recent presidential election who wanted corruption for all, and not just a select few, released an open “love letter” to SDP president Davor Bernardic this morning.

Jurican wrote in the letter that Bernardic’s good friend Dalibor Bastalec, secretary general of the Bandic Milan 365 Party of Labour and Solidarity, had an Advent cottage in Zagreb’s main square during Advent in his sister’s name, and accuses Bernardic of “being surrounded by people from such a milieu for years”, ever since Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic “was a mentor for SDP”.

Dario Jurican goes on to tell Bernardic that he can redeem himself by asking Bandic to reopen the beloved Kino Europa, or it will be “over” for him. Milan Bandic is going, and you’re going too, warns Jurican, indicating that he’s coming for them both.

Here is Dario Jurican’s ”love letter” to Davor Bernardic, transmitted and translated into English in full:

‘I’m going to call you Bero straight away. Not because we’re friends, but because I’ve been following your thoughtful work, your craft, for many years now. Bero, I’d like to talk about Advent now, because I’ve had no peace from it.

We both know that your good friend Dalibor Bastalec, the one you go to the Blaskovec fire department’s anniversaries with, and the one who, together with Milan Bandic, you celebrate birthdays with, had a nice little [Advent] cottage in Zagreb’s main square at the time of Advent. Of course, this cottage wasn’t listed in Dalibor’s name, but in his sister’s name, but you know full well how it goes, Bero, because you’ve been surrounded by people from that milieu for years, ever since Milan was your mentor in SDP. The Bastalecs had their sausage-cottage in the same place last year, as well, only the company in the background was different.

Now, I’m a little confused, my Bero. Zoran Milanovic, president-elect, says that Advent is “pure corruption” and yet your good friend Bastalec also had a sausage-cottage in the western part of Ban Jelacic square, intended exclusively for artisans with handicrafts. You, Bero are telling the story of anti-corruption in the media: “The Anti-Corruption Alliance is the need to ensure awareness that in Croatia we must actively fight corruption by all means.”

Who are you lying to, Bero?

Or maybe you mean to say that Zoran Milanovic is rhetorically deceiving us? Or your SDP, who asked Bandic for an Advent report at the Zagreb City Assembly?

Now, Bero, there’s something I don’t understand. You’re the president of SDP, and your good friend Dalibor Bastalec is the general secretary of the Bandic Milan 365 Party of Labour and Solidarity. The very same Bandic who doesn’t want to give you an Advent report, and president-elect Milanovic calls it a focal point for corruption…

At the same time, Bastalec is the president of the parish pastoral council in the parish of St. Benedict in Blaskovec, for which, so that it’s less difficult, Milan Bandic had a car park made and even attended the grand opening of it. He came to the opening of a car park!

As such a distinguished person, your buddy Bastalec also has a considerable tax debt to the Republic of Croatia, of 2,130,210.84 kuna.

I don’t care who you plant pumpkins [hang out] with, the emperor of omissions and the king of the status quo, but I have a suggestion for you to redeem yourself:

I want you to go to your friend, Bandic’s operative Bastalec, I want you hold his b*lls tightly, so tightly they flood if needs be, and to explain to him that on April the 8th, 1925, as a gift of love from the benefactor Müller, Kino (Cinema) Europa opened on Warsaw street in Zagreb, and that he has to open it again on the 8th of April, 2020. We both know that this cinema was closed without reason by your friend Bandic, without a plan. The cinema is under no renovation process, nor is it scheduled for renovation in 2020.

You will look him straight in the eye, and he’ll know what to do.

If Kino Europa doesn’t reopen on April the 8th, 2020, for the premiere of one movie, then Bero – it’s over.

Milan Bandic is going, and so are you.

Dario Jurican, mayor of the universe.”

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