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Dutch Football Magazine Calls Modrić and Lovren ‘Mamić’s Cash Machines’

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Croatia’s favorite football threesome continues to gain the attention of international media. 

Croatian Flag Spotted Among Liverpool Fans During Celebration at Olimpico Stadium (Video)

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AS Roma and Liverpool met in the second semifinal of the Champions League last night in Rome, which saw Croatian ...

Croatian Domination: Modrić and Kovačić in Champions League Final, Lovren On His Way

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Will Lovren be the third Croat to play in the Champions League final in Kiev?

After Modrić Indictment, DORH Opens Investigation Against Dejan Lovren for False Testimony

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More hot water for another one of Croatia’s national team players as DORH launches an investigation into Dejan Lovren’s false ...

Lovren and Modrić’s Mother-in-Law Suspected of Giving False Testimonies at Mamić Trial

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More hot water for Croatian footballers involved in the Zdravko Mamić trial. 

Lovren Reveals Death Threat to Family: “Horrible What Kind of People We Have”

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Dejan Lovren, the Croatian national and 28-year-old Liverpool stopper, was sharply criticized for his performance against Tottenham in London last ...

Mamić Sings and Dances, Without Crutches, After Lovren Testimony

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Zdvrako Mamić. The circus adds even more entertainment.

Today’s Top 10 Highest-Paid Croatian Footballers

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Who are Croatia’s highest-paid footballers today?

Dejan Lovren to Earn 118,000 EUR Per Week with New Liverpool Contract

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The Croatian defender has signed a new contract with the Merseyside club.

Trial Against Croatia’s Football Boss Zdravko Mamić Begins

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Dejan Lovren’s and Luka Modrić’s transfers are part of the case.