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Roundtable Discussion: Croatia Urgently Needs Demographic Revitalisation Strategy

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This is a national issue above party politics that requires a consensus, and action plans as part of a 10-year ...

Much Anticipated 2021 Croatian Census Now Postponed Indefinitely?

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Preparations for the 2021 Croatian census have been long in the making. Plans have been ongoing since 2016. The last ...

Horrific November 2020 Saw 2544 More Croatian Deaths Than Births

Lauren Simmonds

As Marina Klepo/Novac writes, those who view the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic with less concern often referred, among many other ...

Croatian E-Kids Card Brings Together Range of Public and Private Partners

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December the 10th, 2020 – Family is one of the most important things of all, and during this challenging year ...

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Peljesac Bridge Brought a Demographic Boom in the Nearby Municipalities of Ston and Slivno

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October 20, 2020 – In addition to changing the landscape of the Neretva coast, the Peljesac Bridge brought a demographic ...

More Than Third of Graduates with Diplomas in Croatia Unemployed

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As Mirela Lilek/Novac writes on the 27th of April, 2019, Croatia’s situation still isn’t good: the country is continuing to ...

”Don’t Leave Croatia, I Thought it Would be Easier in Time, I was Wrong”

Lauren Simmonds

The economic situation in Croatia is far from promising, and with more and more Croats flocking to Western European countries ...

Croat in Germany Reveals Whether or Not Life Really is Cheaper There

Lauren Simmonds

A Croatian YouTuber in Germany reveals all about double standards when it comes to your weekly shop… All too often ...

High Economic Expectations for Croatia’s Brod Port Project

Lauren Simmonds

Despite the odd investment here and there, continental Croatia rarely gets a look in when compared to the coast, particularly ...

Above Board or Below Board, Croatia’s Employment Issues Continue

Lauren Simmonds

Croatia’s employment issues are somewhat perplexing to many, and although there has apparently been a massive drop in unemployment, there’s ...

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