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Wood Processing Company Provides Employment for People With Disabilities

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It is not easy for people with disabilities to find a job, but there are positive examples.

Free Transport for People with Disabilities In Dubrovnik’s Old City

Lauren Simmonds

Dubrovnik, despite all its charm, has never really succeeded in being a disability friendly destination, could all that be about ...

Red Cross to Rent Medical Aids to Disabled Persons

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Red Cross warns about the problem of unavailability of medical and orthopaedic aids for disabled persons.

Coffee Shop in Vinkovci to Employ Waiters with Down Syndrome

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NGO from Vinkovci demonstrates that people with Down syndrome should be given an opportunity to be involved in their communities.

The City of Split Hires 25 Assistants for Children with Disabilities

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Some help for children with disabilities in Split. 

Beaches for Disabled Swimmers in Split Few and Far Between

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The search for beaches with disabled access in Split.

Travelling to Split In A Wheelchair

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Travel blogging spread like a forest fire, especially some specialized segments of travelling practice. Today we stumbled (via Chasing The ...