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Bozidar Jukic

First Big Dubrovnik Cruise Ship Arrives after Pandemic Break

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MSC Orchestra arrived to Dubrovnik this morning. It is the first big Dubrovnik cruise ship to bring passengers into the ...


Andro Vlahušić Requests Replacement Amid Crisis of Cruises to Dubrovnik

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As Dulist.hr reports, Andro Vlahušić has requested a staff solution regarding the Dubrovnik Port Authority director, Blaž Pezo, through an ...

Pre-Contract Terminated: Turkish-French Consortium Will Not Build Terminal In Gruž

Lauren Simmonds

There are no legal possibilities for the signing of a concession contract.

Dubrovnik 2017: Return of Spring, Return of the Cruisers

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Two enormous cruise ships enter the port of Dubrovnik (Gruz) as 2017’s cruise season begins…

Cruise Holidays to Dubrovnik… in 1959 (VIDEO)

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Cruise tourism is a booming industry in Dubrovnik these days, of course, and the city has a long history of ...