Paramedic Ambulance Specialisation to be Introduced for Nurses in Croatia

Katarina Anđelković

“It is the first such specialisation of nurses in Croatia. They will receive greater competence and authority; they will be ...

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EMS Workers’ Unions to Prepare Their Proposal for Emergency Medical Aid Law

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The unionists expressed satisfaction with the meeting and said that they would present their proposal for an emergency medical aid ...

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Vučković: EU Needs Emergency Measures Over Ukraine War And Increased Prices

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Vučković expressed understanding of the situation in which Ukraine found itself, given Croatia’s experience with the 1991-1995 Homeland War. She ...

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President Calls on Gov’t to Declare State of Catastrophic Emergency

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ZAGREB,3 January, 2021 – President Zoran Milanovic said on Sunday that the government should declare a state of catastrophic emergency ...

Zadar Car Accident Rescue: Driver and Nissan Suspended Over Sea!

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A woman who lost control of her car, which hung precariously off the side of a wooden jetty in Zadar, ...

Croatian Air Force Helicopters Transported 885 Patients in 2018

Lauren Simmonds

The helicopters and their pilots, as well as other staff of the Croatian Air Force have a lot to be ...

First Emergency Clinic For Tourists Opened in Rovinj

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Stepped on an urchin, been lying in the sun too long or slipped on a rock? Never fear!

Mato Franković and Dragan Lozančić – How Can Dubrovnik Improve Cooperation With Emergency Services?

Lauren Simmonds

How can the Pearl of the Adriatic and the emergency services function together with more ease?

Minister of Health in Dubrovnik: ”Whoever needs emergency help, wherever they are, they’ll get it!”

Lauren Simmonds

The Health Minister is satisfied with the abilities of the emergency services in the Pearl of the Adriatic.


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We really hope you won’t need this information during your vacations in Dubrovnik, but just in case. HOSPITALS IN DUBROVNIK ...