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Croatia EU Ambassador: ‘Good Riddance’ UK Becomes English School Billboard

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“Good Riddance, UK!” After Irena Andrassy, Croatian ambassador to the EU, delivered her side-splitting parting statement to the UK; one ...

Croatian Political Language Brilliance Strikes Again: 5 to Match ‘Good Riddance, UK’

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February 4, 2020 – Croatia’s Permanent EU Ambassador Irena Andrassy makes history with the latest linguistic gaffe from Croatia’s esteemed ...

Croatian Politicians Speaking English: Top Ten Review

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Having a working knowledge of the English language is probably not necessary for all Croatian politicians. But for Damir Krstičević, ...

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English in Croatia: 2nd in World for Improvement, 2nd Best Spoken in Eastern, Central Europe

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November 10, 2019 – Spoken English in Croatia is among the highest quality in the non-native-speaking world, and improving faster ...