Digital Croatia: How Does Croatia Aim to Help Entrepreneurs?

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Digital Croatia might seem a bit like a pipe dream for many, but could it be a closer possibility than ...

EU Funds Aid Croatian Capital Projects In Realisation

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Meet Croatia’s Female Entrepreneurs: Jelena Bikić and Silvan Cosmetics

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December the 11th, 2018 – Continuing our look at some of Croatia’s female entrepreneurs, Meet Jelena Bikić from Split and get ...

Can Croatia Go Digital?

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Can Croatia follow the shining examples of Denmark and Estonia and move forward in digitisation?

American Entrepreneur Investing 500 Million Euro in Pašman Island

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One island in the Zadar region is about to get a large cash injection filled with American dollars…

American Entrepreneurs Seek Investment Opportunities in Croatia

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Mate Rimac Recalls Offer He Received for Rimac Automobili

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Mate Rimac recalls the offer he received for his beloved company, which he of course turned down.

Mate Rimac Opens Development Office in Split

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Rimac takes Split.

Two Thirds of Companies Find Working in EU Easier Than in Croatia

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While EU membership brings benefits, not everyone feels Croatia is keeping up…

Mate Rimac: People Are Interested, Particularly Because It’s Happening In Croatia

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“It’s interesting to people, the technology and the entrepreneurial story behind it, and the human one, and our location, everyone ...