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croatian driving licenses

New EU Rule to Affect Croatian Driving Licenses

Lauren Simmonds

February the 12th, 2024 – Potential new EU driving rules will affect Croatian driving licenses and their holders, as if ...

croatian politics

This Week in Croatian Politics – Croatia Opposes EU Reforms

Lauren Simmonds

November the 24th, 2023 – This week in Croatian politics, there’s been tension at the EU level, a new consulate ...

turopolje pork

Turopolje Pork Becomes 45th EU Protected Croatian Product

Lauren Simmonds

October the 17th, 2023 – Turopolje pork/pig meat (meso turopoljske svinje) has now officially become the 45th Croatian product to ...

croatian education

How Does Croatian Education Look on EU Scale?

Lauren Simmonds

October the 17th, 2023 – Croatian education is intensive, but just how does it stand when looking at lifelong learning ...

croatian food waste

Croatian Food Waste Among Lowest in European Union

Lauren Simmonds

August the 26th, 2023 – Croatian food waste is among the lowest in the entire European Union (EU), with neighbouring ...

croatian awareness

Croatian Awareness of Intellectual Property Rights High in EU

Lauren Simmonds

July the 28th, 2023 – The level of Croatian awareness of the ins and outs of intellectual property rights, as ...

croatian demining inspections

A Guide to Who Can Perform Croatian Demining Inspections

Lauren Simmonds

July the 12th, 2023 – Croatian demining inspections (human) are relatively commonplace, but who has the green light to perform ...

varazdin pumpkin oil

Varazdin Pumpkin Oil Gets EU PDO Label

Lauren Simmonds

July the 4th, 2023 – Yet another Croatian project (the 44th to be precise) has earned the European Union’s protected ...

croatian politics

A Week in Croatian Politics – Croatia to Celebrate 10 EU Years

Lauren Simmonds

June the 30th, 2023 – This week in Croatian politics, we’re gearing up to mark an entire decade of Croatian ...

average croatian salary

Croatian Average Salary Lags Behind EU Average

Lauren Simmonds

June the 23rd, 2023 – The Croatian average salary is lagging behind that earned on average across the rest of ...

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